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This New PS5 Pro Controller Takes "Modular" To A Whole New Level – GameSpot

The new Victrix Pro BFG is available to preorder now.
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The first officially licensed PS5 “pro-style” controller has been revealed. Victrix, a premium accessory manufacturer owned by PDP, has unveiled its Pro BFG for PC, PS5, and PS4. Designed to function as a high-performance and completely customizable device, the Pro BFG controller offers plenty of options for competitive gamers. It’s available to preorder now for $180 ahead of its December release.
Out of the box, it can be used in either wireless or wired mode, PC players can customize the button and EQ settings through the Victrix Control Hub app, and it has room for up to three unique profiles that can be toggled between on the fly.
It’s the technical side of this controller where things get exciting, as Victrix has designed this peripheral with modularity in mind. The reversible left module allows for both the standard PlayStation stick configuration as well as offset sticks, while fighting game fans can insert the Fight Pad module to replace the right analog stick with six microswitch buttons. If that’s not enough customization, you can also switch out the D-pad, analog stick caps, and analog stick gates to suit your needs.
You can also expect four mappable back-buttons, multi-position clutch triggers with five different stopping points–great for anyone who wants to fine-tune trigger pulls to their liking–and full 3D audio compatibility on PS5 when using a headset through the 3.5mm jack.
The controller with all the swap-out parts will set you back $180 for the full package. For more great controller deals, you can also check out the excellent Hori Split Pad for Nintendo Switch, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core that comes with a free game, and the limited-edition God of War PS5 DualSense controller.
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