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Introducing Microsoft Clipchamp: Unlock the power of video at work – Microsoft

Microsoft Clipchamp has been a natural fit for Microsoft 365 consumers, adding video creation to the suite of productivity tools people use to unlock their creativity. With powerful features in a user-friendly interface accessed through a web browser, Clipchamp makes it easy for anyone to confidently create professional-looking videos with no prior experience. 
However, until now, Clipchamp has only been available to those using their personal Microsoft accounts. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Microsoft Clipchamp will become available to Microsoft 365 commercial customers through the Targeted release program. Over the coming weeks, this release will make it possible for anyone to easily and efficiently create videos to help streamline their productivity and enhance their work. 
Amplify your marketing narrative, employee materials, and client presentations with the power of video.
Video is a powerful communication tool. It creates immediate, real, and authentic connections. Now more than ever, we find ourselves immersed in a world full of video: to communicate, share, watch, and inspire.  
But creating videos can feel daunting, which means that video is often underutilized as a medium of communication at work. Video editing can feel like an activity exclusively for professional video experts, and apps and software can appear complex, costly, time-consuming, or require an artist’s eye. 
With Clipchamp as part of Microsoft 365, it’s easy to know where to turn to make videos and get started. Anyone can confidently create and publish videos, using an intuitive interface and harnessing useful tools. Just like Microsoft Word gave everyone the power to compose professional-looking documents, and PowerPoint enables people to create compelling presentations, Clipchamp empowers anyone to produce high-quality videos they can be proud of.  
Whether you need to explain a process to your teammates, onboard new employees, send an update to clients, or level up your organization’s newsletters, now you can turn to Clipchamp to deliver an impactful message through video.  
Clipchamp gives you the ability to make an impact through video, for any of your professional needs, within minutes—no experience required. 
Clipchamp is also being integrated into various experiences across Microsoft 365, so it’s simple to utilize video without leaving your flow of work, thanks to the in-browser video editor. Simply start a new video on the Clipchamp start page on Microsoft 365, create a new Clipchamp video in OneDrive, or edit an existing video in your OneDrive.  
You can create videos with ease, using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The multitrack editing timeline lets you clearly see how your videos, images, text, and audio overlap within the video, and you can adjust their timing within the video with simple clicks of your mouse. You can easily edit existing content by securely importing media from your OneDrive or you can capture something new using the webcam and screen recorder—no downloads required. 
When looking for a solution to create videos at work, Clipchamp can help you get started. It’s part of Microsoft 365, so it’s easy to get access with single sign-on to start creating videos. Plus, it’s built with centralized security and controls you and your organization can trust. 
Clipchamp is built on OneDrive and SharePoint and is integrated with your other everyday Microsoft productivity apps. The videos you export from Clipchamp can be shared through Microsoft Stream, embedded and played in Microsoft Teams, in emails with Outlook, and on Microsoft Viva Engage, seamlessly modernizing your workflows. Whether it’s sharing how-to videos with colleagues directly in the cloud from OneDrive or showing off a product demo to clients with a video in PowerPoint, save time and resources by enhancing your work through video.  
Microsoft Stream
Sharing and storing video projects is easy when you use Clipchamp. Share your content within and outside of your organization confidently with OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Stream.  
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Clipchamp’s core tools are easy-to-use, allowing you to immediately modernize your work by shaping your content to fit your workplace. Trim away unwanted footage, instantly use gap removal to precisely merge videos, and crop out unwanted edges with the video cropper. You can even adjust the timing of components within your video, to speed them up or slow them down. Clipchamp helps you personalize videos so that they are suited to your profession, producing great videos that look professionally made.   
It can be a challenge to discover effortless tools to make great videos. Clipchamp helps you to boost your video’s look while exploring your creativity. Filters, effects, and text overlays give your editing a professional and personalized look. With the green screen filter in Clipchamp, you can adjust your backgrounds to suit your professional context and environment. Transitions can easily be added as a finishing touch to give your video that high-quality look. 
Transform your video to make it fit any need, any time. Set dimensions with video resizer to help you create videos ready for upload to any platform.  
Clipchamp will become available to commercial customers through Targeted release in the coming weeks. Users or tenants opted-in to Targeted release will be the first production users to see Clipchamp in their Microsoft 365 accounts. If you’re an IT admin, review the Set up the Standard or Targeted release options to opt-in to Clipchamp for your organization when it becomes available in the coming weeks. Learn more about how to access Clipchamp with your work account when it rolls out. We’re eager to hear your feedback to improve the Clipchamp experience during Targeted release. 
This is just the beginning of the journey for Clipchamp, with much more planned for the future. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on how to use Clipchamp to make great videos in minutes for work.  
Unlock the power of video in the workplace with Clipchamp—no experience required! 
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