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How to get the nerd glasses crosshair in VALORANT – Dot Esports

Right between the eyes.
VALORANT Patch 5.04 unleashed a plethora of updates to the game’s crosshair customization system in August. Following the patch, players can now fully customize their crosshairs’ colors, shapes, and intricate designs. 
Options for crosshair customization became practically unlimited with the introduction of the ability to alter horizontal and vertical lines on your crosshair independently from one another. This change makes it so VALORANT crosshairs can be designed with more complex looks than that of a traditional four-lined crosshair. 
One of the most trendy custom crosshairs players have been using in VALORANT is the “nerd glasses” crosshair, which uses a series of lines and shaded colors to create a crosshair that looks like a pair of glasses. In games, a pair of glasses will appear in the middle of your screen, leading to some hilarious imagery when coming face-to-face with other players. 
Here’s how to get the nerd glasses crosshair in VALORANT
The nerd glasses crosshair first went viral in a tweet by a VALORANT content creator named Jioon in August. They linked the crosshair code they used for the crosshair in a tweet. 
The crosshair code for the original nerd glasses crosshair is:

If you prefer to create your crosshairs manually and alter their specific details as you go along, you can find the exact parameters for the nerd glasses crosshair below. 
The glasses crosshair can be placed over agents at point-blank range to make it appear as though the character in front of you is wearing glasses. Only two agents on the VALORANT roster wear glasses: Killjoy and Chamber.
The nerd glasses crosshair is hardly practical and probably shouldn’t be used in your competitive games. Still, there are worse ways to land headshots than by lining up a pair of glasses with an opponent’s face.
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