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Shiba Inu's Shibarium Unveils New Updates for SHIB Community – U.Today

Unification Foundation, the developer of Shibarium, has released a new update for the SHIB community regarding Puppynet. The update includes the deployment of two tools, Verified Open Randomness (VOR) and Oracle of Oracles (OoO).
VOR is used to generate true randomness in different applications such as on-chain gaming, lottery and generative NFTs. OoO, on the other hand, helps prevent price hacks and provides the best prices for decentralized investment funds.

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The main goal of the deployment is to spin up the Oracle applications and start serving data requests. Unification Foundation aims to provide SHIB community members with the best tools to maximize their returns and net asset value. Shibarium was developed to enhance the SHIB ecosystem, and the Unification Foundation is at the forefront of developing it.
The Unification team has also successfully deployed the xFUND test token on the beta testnet and bridged the L1 to the L2, successfully transferring xFUND test tokens between the two. The next stage is deploying the OoO and VOR Router smart contracts on Shibarium L2 and then activating the Oracle applications to serve data requests.

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The deployment of these tools is a big step forward for the Shiba Inu community, as it will provide them with more robust and secure tools for their investments. The deployment process is ongoing, and SHIB community members can expect more updates soon.

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