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You might think that the only way to read a book bought on the Kindle store is with an Amazon device, but that’s not the case. This guide will show you how to read Kindle books on PC.
A Kindle is a great device for avid readers, especially those who do a lot of traveling or don’t want to go out and buy physical books. But even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read Kindle books with one of the Kindle apps available on your personal computer or smartphone. Here, we’ll show you how to read Kindle books on a PC.
Although reading Kindle books on your PC is simple, the reading experience can’t compare to an actual Kindle. If you’re thinking of getting one, you can head over to our Kindle model comparison to untangle the confusing pricing scheme and figure out which one suits you the best.
Fixed link to Amazon app download center.
Yes, you can read e-books using the Kindle desktop app, the web-based Cloud Reader or third-party e-reading software. However, the latter requires you to manually download the e-book files from Amazon.
Yes, you can still use the Kindle Cloud Reader which is accessible through a web browser. If you’ve purchased the book you want to read, then you can also download the e-book file and load it into any third-party e-reading software.
You can read your Kindle e-books in any web browser by following the steps below for logging in to your Amazon account and accessing the Kindle Cloud Reader.
The first and best way to read Kindle books on PC is to use the Kindle for PC app. In addition to allowing for offline reading, it also has all the key features of an actual Kindle. This includes the ability to highlight text, add notes, change font size, add bookmarks and read in full-screen mode.
Follow the steps below to install the application and connect it to your Amazon account. Although we’re using Windows as the example here, the instructions are almost identical on Mac.
Use a web browser to go to the Kindle app download page, select the Windows version and follow the on-screen instructions during installation.
Once installed, the app should open automatically and prompt you for your email address and password. Enter the information and click “sign-in.”
Now that the app is installed and configured, you can read books on your computer.
If you don’t want to or can’t install the dedicated Windows PC app, then you can also use the Cloud Reader through any major web browser such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. As with the last section, these instructions are platform-agnostic and will work just as well on a Linux or Mac system.
Use a web browser to go to read.amazon.com, enter your account credentials and click “sign-in.”
Once you’re logged in to the Kindle Cloud Reader, all that remains is for you to start reading books. Simply double-tap or double-click any of them to start.
It’s worth bearing in mind that since it’s a web-based solution, you’ll only be able to use the Cloud Reader to read Kindle books when you’re online.
Finally, Amazon also lets you download Kindle books directly, provided you actually bought them and they weren’t borrowed through Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading (check out our Prime Reading vs Kindle Unlimited comparison). This allows you to take the files, convert them, remove the DRM if needed and read the books with any third-party software such as the Calibre app.
Use a web browser to go to www.amazon.com and click the button in the top-right corner that says “hello, sign in.” Enter your Amazon account information to log in.
Hover over the button you just used to log in that now shows your name, and select “content & devices” from the dropdown menu. Here, you should see a list of all the books you own through Amazon.
Find the book you want to download, click on “more actions” on the right-hand side and select “download & transfer via USB.” If the book has DRM, a pop-up will appear where you can select which Kindle or device it’s going to. Select one and click “download.”
Now that you have the file, you might have to strip the Kindle DRM. You can check out our Kindle DRM guide for instructions on how to remove DRM from files and our eBook format guide to convert them to other ebook formats such as EPUB or PDF files.
That’s it for our guide on how to read Amazon Kindle books on a Windows system. Although the Cloud Reader is certainly convenient, with the Kindle app installed you’ll be able to enjoy both online and offline reading without having to worry about staying connected to the internet.
What did you think of our guide? Do you now feel like you understand how to read e-books online or on your Windows or Mac computer without an Amazon Kindle device? Did we miss an alternative approach, or were there any steps that you thought were unclear? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.
18 thoughts on “How to Read Kindle Books on PC in 2023: Kindle on Your Desktop”
Kindle with Immersion reading workaround for PC: Install BlueStacks Android Emulator and run Kindle for Android inside BlueStacks and THEN you can use Kindle with Immersion reading to listen and read your Kindle books on a PC. Kindle for PC and Kindle app for Windows 10 do NOT support Immersion reading. Kindle for Android does.
Download is not possible for “USB transfer”. It says: No device has the permissions to download the selected content. Any solution in this case?
Hello, I cannot figure out how to secure the kindle app on my pc. Does anyone know how to put a password on it? Thanks!
Does anyone know if I can transfer my kindle books to Apple Books? If so it would be great if someone could help out!
It looks like the app is no longer avaialble on Amazon. When I try to “purchase” it, Amazon says this item is no longer available. maybe because I have windows 11.
they took the kindle reader app from everyone. I have the kindle install program on my NAS Sever as soon as I sign in the program uninstalls itself. Amazon literally took thousands of dollars in college text books and programing books from me.
Your directions to get links to get app for my kindle books on my pc just does not work. Very very confusing. A simple task has been made impossible. You have failed on this
That’s because I just found out myself that the Kindle reader is NO LONGER available for Mac and PC. You have to read Kindle books from the Cloud, and thus have to be connected to the Internet. Can only download to a Kindle device.
I’m just finding this out because I bought a new W11 laptop and am setting it up.
how do I annotate??? Only thing I can do is highlight, but want to Underline, Bold, add a note, etc. Is ths not possible?
I have low vision cataract problems with the glasses that are very poor. Reading small print is very hard for my bi-phocol weak glasses. I need an E-Book with zoom-in for reading on my pc.
Because I can no longer download Kindle reader for PC or Mac, it’s very clear that I can’t read any of the gazillion Kindle books I’ve purchased without connecting to the Internet. HUH?Stunning.
No more reading a book from my iPad on an airplane or in a waiting room. I have new W11 laptop, and find I cannot download Kinder reader. I have to buy a KINDLE to read these books offline?
I just paste in Amazon search field: Free Kindle reading apps for PC.
I also have w11 laptop and I have downloaded desktop Kindle for pc without any problems.
The Kindle Cloud reader for PC was horrible to use on Win10. When I tried to scroll up, it skipped to a previous chapter without any warning. It doesn’t zoom well, important for older people with bad eyesight. It doesn’t navigate that well. But I refuse to use paper books anymore. Guess I’ll try reading it on my iPad instead.
This article does not mention that books published in 2023 onward are not downloadable on older versions of Kindle for PC and what version Kindle for PC must be in order to download books from Amazon.
My old Kindle for PC was disabled by Amazon, I was pushed to download the new Kindle version for PC. When that was installed, it overhauled my complete Kindle library, adding weird extensions to my book files and practically removed every book file and replaced them with links. I too had thousands of books, but now I only have links. Even Calibre can’t do anything with links. It needs a file to convert to epub, html or even to remove DRM. How am I supposed to read my books now? I don’t have an actual kindle. I have a Kobo who only reads epubs. So I used calibre to convert all Amazon’s azw files. Now I can’t do that anymore. I bought several ebooks on amazon in 2023, but I don’t have the files anymore, just links.
I just want to change the VISA card I use to charge new kindle books to read.
I have the kindle for PC app but the file isn’t on it. I tried “Deliver to Device”. It said “sent” but it wasn’t. I tried “Download and transfer via USB.” IT tells you there’s no device OR “get the Kindle for PC app” – which I have! Utterly useless.

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