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Crosshair profiles of all VCT Game Changers Championship Berlin 2022 players – G2 mimi, C9 meL, and more – Sportskeeda

The VCT Game Changers Championship Berlin 2022 reached its conclusion on November 20, 2022, with G2 Gozen taking the title of World Champions as they defeated Shopify Rebellion GC with a spectacular comeback. It has been an inspiring event for many women and players from marginalized genders.
Eight top-tier teams from around the globe made it to the championship after a year of intense regional competition. Upon arriving in Germany, every single roster performed their best against each other and showcased amazing teamwork.
The contenders are now gearing up for Game Changers 2023 with a brand new format and a vision for the future of women professionals in Valorant.
VCT Game Changers Berlin was easily one of the biggest Valorant tournaments hosted by Riot Games. It influenced thousands of women from various corners of the world to make their mark on the competitive Valorant scene. Furthermore, 2022 saw the highest involvement of women players in Riot Games’ FPS title.
The developers already have future plans to take Game Changers to the next level with a brand new format for female EMEA players who are aspiring professionals. The new VCT Game Changers vision will help them gain more exposure as they take the necessary steps in the future.
Riot Games is looking forward to expanding the Game Changer series in the future and the VCT ecosystem will look a lot different in the coming years.
Listed below are every single player’s crosshair codes who participated in the VCT Game Changers Championship Berlin 2022:
Cloud9 White
G2 Gozen
X10 Sapphire
Shopify Rebellion GC
Guild X
Team Liquid Brazil
Fennel Hotelava
The following steps can be followed to easily acquire any of the aforementioned player crosshairs from VCT Game Changers Berlin:
Upon importing the crosshairs successfully, gamers will be able to access the exact same crosshairs as their favorite professional players from the VCT Game Changers Series.
They can get creative and customize a given code’s offering. This can help make a given crosshair better suited for themselves, rather than using something that is not very comfortable.
Crosshair codes are usually a part of a player’s comfort that is often suited to individuals. Copying them directly from a professional may not result in expected outcomes. However, basic designs and settings can help them better understand crosshair-positioning in the game, compared to some fancy ones.
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