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Google I/O 2023 Release Date Finally Confirmed, Pixel 8, Android 14, And More Announcements Coming – Wccftech

The release date for Google I/O 2023 is finally announced. As expected, the company shared a puzzle that ended up revealing the release date. For those wondering, this year’s event will start on 10th May, later this year.
In traditional fashion, the Google I/O 2023 is going to take hours before it is finally wrapped up, and during this event, the company will be announcing a lot of different things. Sure, we are going to get a proper look at Android 14, but aside from that, you can expect the company to announce the Pixel 8 series, and the much-awaited Pixel Fold, as well.
In addition to that, we might also see the release date for the Pixel Tablet we do know exists, alongside some new wearables, perhaps. I do understand that this might be a lot to take in, but Google generally does this with their events where everything is announced at the same event, so brace yourself as there are going to be a lot of announcements.
The Google I/O 2023 will be streamlined online, and there are also limited seats available for those who want to attend the event in person. Normally you only see press and developers, but if you want to get registration done, you can check it out here.
Coming back to what you should expect from the Google I/O 2023. Well, for the past few years, the company has decided to host this event in order to announce a lot of new hardware and software that it is working on, and this year will be no different.
We are expecting the Pixel 7a to finally have a release date–the phone has been extensively leaked a couple of times, so it is no secret that it exists out there. The Google I/O 2023 will also see some more light being shed on the Pixel Tablet. Moving further, there is a high chance that the company finally gives us a full look at the Pixel Fold, and last but not least, we will have some information about the Pixel 8 phones, as well.
Pixel devices aside, Google I/O 2023 could also give us a glimpse of Nest devices and new Chromebooks, and most importantly, we are expecting that the public betas of Android 14 will also start around the same time with a full announcement.
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