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VALORANT on PS4: Can You Play? – TalkEsport

Valorant PS4: VALORANT has been a popular tactical shooter for first-person, drawing thousands of players every day. Riot Games has done a great job supporting the game after launch with constant updates including maps and new agents.
VALORANT’s success has attracted many fans across all platforms, even console gamers eagerly waiting for the game on their systems. Riot has suggested that a console version of VALORANT may be possible, but it isn’t clear if this will happen or if the game will still be available for older consoles.
Riot confirmed that PC is its primary focus, but is ” open” to exploring other platforms. However, the company did not provide any specific timeline. Riot also confirmed that it has prototype console versions, but wasn’t certain if it will “translate fully to console play.”
VALORANT’s gameplay was designed for PCs. This allows players to have precise accuracy and to compensate for the intense recoil caused by a mouse. Although the gameplay is difficult to replicate on controllers, a few modifications could make it more accessible on other platforms.
VALORANT is not expected to be available for the PS4 as it’s an older console. VALORANT will most likely be available on the PS5 or Xbox series X/S. Consider buying a PC if VALORANT sounds like a game that you would like to play.
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