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Microsoft will let you uninstall more built-in Windows 11 apps soon … – The Verge

By Tom Warren, a senior editor covering Microsoft, PC gaming, console, and tech. He founded WinRumors, a site dedicated to Microsoft news, before joining The Verge in 2012.
Microsoft will allow Windows 11 users to uninstall even more built-in apps soon. The software maker has started testing a new build of Windows 11 with Canary Channel testers that includes the ability to uninstall the Camera app, the recently discontinued Cortana app, the Photos app, the People app, and the Remote Desktop (MSTSC) client.
Microsoft ships a large number of these so-called “inbox apps” preinstalled with Windows 11. It has been gradually allowing users to uninstall more of them, and we’re getting to the point where most can be removed freely. Most of these built-in apps aren’t huge, so you’re not going to save lots of space by uninstalling them, but having the option to uninstall them completely should make Windows feel a little less bloated.
The ability to uninstall the Camera app has been part of Windows 11 test builds since March, with the option to uninstall Cortana arriving in test builds earlier this month. Windows 11 users who aren’t on Windows Insider builds will need to wait a little while yet to be able to uninstall Camera, Cortana, Photos, People, and Remote Desktop, though. Microsoft is currently planning to release its next big Windows 11 update in September, which may include more uninstallation options.
The Windows 11 September update is also expected to include native support for RAR and 7-Zip files, a new settings homepage, a much better volume mixer, and early access to Windows Copilot.
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