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Free Fire Advance Server OB34 update: New mystery character, Finn pet, character adjustments, and more features – Sportskeeda

Now that the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server has been made available, gamers can get a sneak peek at upcoming alterations and additions to the game that might be released in an upcoming patch. It has everything in store, from a new mystery character and a pet to UI changes and character adjustments.
Users can download the client from the Advance Server website if they have received the Activation Code to get a first-hand experience of the new content. As always, it is surrounded by great hype and gamers will be able to extensively test the changes until 23 May.
The subsequent sections cover some of the most significant new features and changes that are included in the server.
Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India. Due to government-imposed restrictions, gamers from the country should refrain from playing the battle royale title. They may engage in Free Fire MAX, which is not among the banned applications.
The current Advance Server, like most others, includes a new Mystery character. It is one of the main highlights and has an active ability called the “Senses Shockwave.”
Upon activation, it will launch a drone towards the nearest enemy within a 100-meter frontal distance, resulting in a 5m-diameter pulse explosion at the base level. It will reduce the adversaries’ movement speed and fire rate by 50% and 10%, respectively, and will also do 25 damage to them.
The zone will run for five seconds and have a 140-second cooldown.
Finn is the new pet in the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server. It represents a shark and has a skill named ’Dash Splash.’
With the pet equipped, the user and teammates will receive a 4% movement speed boost when a player is knocked down or eliminated within a 20m radius. The buff will last for two seconds, and there will then be a 120-second cooldown duration.
At the max level, the duration will be increased to five seconds, and the overall cooldown will be narrowed to 90 seconds.
M24 is the new sniper rifle in the Advance Server. It comes with high mobility and a fast firing rate, making it a viable option for long-range fights. Gamers can quickly chip away their opponents using this gun.
Note: The images on the left are from the global version, while the images on the right represent abilities that have been modified on the Advance Server.
In the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server, Xtreme Encounter provides 150 HP instead of its current 80 HP, which degrades with time. In addition, the extra damage to gloo walls and shields has been increased from 80% to 100%. Simultaneously, the duration has been brought down to 10 seconds, instead of the original 15 seconds, and the cooldown has been reduced to 130 seconds.
Kenta forms a 5m frontal shield, which in this client blocks 65% of damage compared to the existing 50%. Additionally, the duration increases from two seconds to four seconds and resets when players shoot at it. The cooldown is also drastically reduced to 130 seconds.
Nairi has undergone a nerf in the ongoing Advance Server. The damage to the gloo wall increased by 20%, while the existing impact is at 30% improved damage. The other aspects remain unchanged.
Skyler’s character has received a minor nerf in the ability as the cooldown at the first level is set at 85 seconds rather than the current threshold of 60 seconds. However, the core impact hasn’t been altered.
After several nerfs, Chrono has received a buff on the server. The cooldown time has been reduced by 30 seconds and now stands at 150 seconds.
Painted Refuge was reworked in the previous patch to make it an excellent choice for the support role in Free Fire. It seems to have received a 30 second increase in the cooldown time at the first level from 85 to 115 seconds.
Alok‘s Drop the Beat has been slightly adjusted. In the global version, it has a cooldown of 45 seconds; however, the character has separate cooldown times at different levels in the Advance Server.
The Thrill of Battle has become one of the most potent active abilities in Free Fire after the recent overhaul. The character might receive a nerf in the upcoming update as its cooldown has been increased to 110 seconds at the initial level in the Advance Server.
The Afterburner now only provides a 2% boost to driving speed but also provides a 5% less damage.
The developers have made significant modifications to the user interface of various sections. The entire ‘Ranked’ interface has been revamped, making it simpler to navigate while ensuring that users have a pleasant visual experience.
Aside from that, Garena has added new fire sound cues to the in-game HUD and a distinctive visual effect for weapon quality. Moreover, a new ‘Lab’ section is also present on the lobby screen; however, it shows the “No Content” message.
Game modes are essential for the entire user experience, with Garena introducing various unique ones. In the recent Advance Server, individuals can try out the new ranked version of Bomb Squad 5v5.
It essentially features two teams – Attackers and Defenders. The former has the task of planting a bomb on the sites, while the latter must guard the sites and defuse the planted explosive.
In addition, a new map called El Pastelo has become available for the Bomb Squad 5v5 game mode, with plenty of buildings and corners to help players approach the game mode tactically.
Note: The official Free Fire update may or may not include all the features available within the Advance Server.
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