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Roblox games wonder Pixel Piece Update One release date … – Pocket Tactics

Daz Skubich
Fans of One Piece-inspired Roblox games have been left hanging as the Pixel Piece Update One release date keeps moving further away. Developer WorldUp Studios has delayed the update twice in two days due to “critical bugs” that needed fixing.
The developer has apologised for the delay and set a new release time for the update. WorldUp Studios has also promised that they will release new codes alongside the update, so make sure to check out our Pixel Piece codes guide when the update goes live.
WorldUp Studios released the Update One patch notes on their Discord server to let players know exactly what’s coming in this new version. Highlights include an increased level cap, a new island, new bosses to fight, new boss items, new fruits, and improvements for mobile players.
The Pixel Piece developer WorldUp Studios has pushed back the Update One release date to February 5, 2023 at 11:00am PST/7:00pm GMT.
There you have it, everything we know about the Pixel Piece Update One release date. We’ve got loads of Roblox game codes and Roblox promo codes for you, plus if you want to get ahead in this One Piece game, check out our Pixel Piece map guide.
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