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Valorant News: Fans react to Sheriff 4k after Stewie2k dazzles in LCQ Day 3 – The Sportsrush

Aaryanshi Mohan
|Published January 19, 2023
The Last Chance Qualifiers of the Valorant NA region have crossed Day 3 and Stewie2k is all the rage. A clip of the former CS: GO legend almost taking an Ace with the Sheriff is going viral and Twitter is all for it.
Here is what happened in the pistol round.
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In a clip shared on Twitter by Stewie2k, he can be seen owning the round with his Sheriff. He can be seen going on a rampage, eliminating enemy after enemy. The opponents took a trade while he was finishing opponents, but that did not stop him from getting that almost Ace. It was just before his final Ace shot that he got overpowered by the enemy and was eliminated.
This short clip was thoroughly enjoyed by his followers on Twitter who had nothing but praises for the pro.
The video of Stewie dominating the round has the touch of a pro and that is exactly what this ex-CS: GO, player, is in Valorant. After sharing the clip, Stewie also shared with his audience that they have made it through to Day 3 of LCQ.
In a tweet, he wrote: “Had a rough day, but luckily made it through to Day 3 of LCQ. Another day tomorrow. GGWP to all our opponents.”
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While this is calls for celebration, Twitter is more thrilled about the almost Ace. Here is how they reacted:
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From this moment on, only two teams will make it forward to the NA Challengers. One will be from the upper bracket and one from the lower.
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