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Why Is Valorant Not Launching? Possible Fixes You Need to Try – AFK Gaming

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Valorant has been facing issues recently with tons of players unable to launch the game. After clicking on Play in the splash screen or the Riot Games launcher, the game refuses to boot and it has left players frustrated. The game’s servers were taken down which is why the game was not booting. This is normal when there is scheduled maintenance but the issue can occur even when the servers are online. Here is a quick guide to help you identify if the servers are in maintenance and some possible fixes in case the issue is at your end. 
There are three places where you can check if the servers are offline. You can keep these pages bookmarked to see if there is scheduled maintenance or if there are server issues: 
Riot Games Service Status page: https://status.riotgames.com/
Riot Games Support Twitter: https://twitter.com/riotsupport?lang=en
Down Detector: https://downdetector.in/status/valorant/
If the servers are online and the issue seems to be at your end, you should close all Riot Games processes and try launching the game afresh.
Right-click on your Taskbar
Click on Task Manager
Find all processes with the Riot Games or Valorant logo.
Right-click on each of those programs and click on End Task.
Once you are done, try launching the game again. You can also try restarting your system to see if it helps. If you are still facing the issue it might be time to reinstall the Riot Games client: 
Search for Riot Client in the Windows search bar
Find Riot Client and click on Uninstall in the contextual menu
Launch Valorant
Riot Client should be reinstalled automatically
You can also use the same process to remove Valorant from your system and reinstall it if all else fails. The game not launching is almost always tied to a process malfunctioning or the servers facing issues so you are unlikely to need to reinstall the game.
If you are still facing issues consider submitting a ticket to Riot Games.
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