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Is The Xbox Series X Worth It? – TheGamer

The Xbox Series X is among the best but priciest consoles on the market. So, is it worth the money?
Xbox Series X is Microsoft's premier console for the ninth generation, alongside the cheaper alternative, the Xbox Series S. The system is a big technical upgrade to the Xbox One. In fact, it's the most powerful console in the Xbox family.
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This means, in theory, that games look and run better on this system than any of the previous ones. It also boasts a few new features. However, does all of that mean it's worth forking out your hard-earned money for the console? To answer that, you must look at various different things, such as the price and peoples' opinions on the system. You can find those things here.
Kirk Mckeand was the person responsible for reviewing the Xbox Series X for TheGamer. He did so in 2020 when the system first launched. So, not only did he give his opinion on what the system currently offers, but its future potential. In regards to the latter, he showcased a lot of belief in the system, predicting that "Xbox will rope-a-dope its way back into the gaming zeitgeist" in this new generation.
If you want hassle-free gaming with shorter load times, crisp textures, smooth frame rates, and a huge library – much of which is included as part of your online subscription – Xbox Series X is impossible to beat.
As for what it offered at the time, he was impressed with how it upped the quality of existing games through enhancement patches. He couldn't, however, judge what new titles were like on the system, as there weren't many in 2020. Many more have been released since, but there still isn't an abundance of Xbox Series X/S exclusive games yet.
However, Kirk was happy with what he did play in regard to frame rate and resolution. He also praised the console's speed claiming, "loading screens last seconds and fast travel is actually fast." He also lauded things such as the Quick Resume feature that lets you swiftly switch between games and the improvements Microsoft made to the controller.
The time you can spend with the Xbox Series X is infinite. You can play as much and as often as you desire. And if you get an Xbox Game Pass subscription alongside it, you will always have something to play.
Yet, even if you don't sign up for Game Pass, there are still plenty of games for you to buy for the console. Releases won't slow down until Microsoft brings out a new system, which won't be for many years.
The price of the Xbox Series X will slightly depend on your choice of retailer and whether you get a game with it. Also, you can get a refurbished one that will cost a bit less.
However, the standard price for a shiny new one with no additions is $499.99. If you don't want to pay all the money at once, you can purchase it through Xbox All Access, which is $34.99 per month.
Xbox Series X is an upgrade from the Xbox One. For starters, it's faster and provides better visuals. But besides its increased power, it isn't too different from what came before. So, if you already own an Xbox One or even PS4 and you're a more casual gamer, the upgrade might not be worth it. However, if you play a lot of games and are interested in many of the big releases in the future, then picking up the Series X is the right choice, as it'll bring the best out of those titles. Plus, it's an all-around good console. If you get Game Pass, too, it's a better deal than the PS5 unless you're particularly fond of Sony exclusives.
These days picking between consoles is pretty easy. If you want those Sony exclusives, then the PS5 is the way to go, otherwise, Series X is just an astronomical value. And that is all thanks to Game Pass. With it, you get every single first-party release on day one. That is every game made by Id Software, Machine Games, Tango Gameworks, Double Fine, and Arkane. All for a very reasonable monthly subscription. The Xbox Series X itself is an impressive console, with a very solid controller, and some nice features (quick resume is especially nifty), but it is when the console is paired with Game Pass that it becomes the best value in gaming. Ever.
As a Game Pass diehard fan the Series X was the obvious choice for this generation. However, it is more than just a way to use Game Pass. The console looks great, was easy to set up, and has simple menus to navigate. It's also great to be able to use the disc drive to play old backward compatible games from our hefty disc collection.
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