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"This is insane": Fans go wild as NFL icon Tom Brady posts a picture with YouTube sensation MrBeast – Sportskeeda

NFL legend Tom Brady’s latest tweet about meeting YouTube content king MrBeast is going viral and fans are having a field day speculating about a potential collab.
Brady’s post captioned “Thanks for all you do” reached more than 3 million views within hours of being posted and had the footballing icon posing with the most successful YouTuber in the world, eliciting quite a few reactions such as these:
Known for his extravagant videos on the red platform, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson’s fans were quite excited about a potential collaboration between the two after the Creator of the Year confirmed in a tweet reply that Brady had indeed come to his studio, where the magic happens.
With speculation about a potential collab between the two insanely famous personalities gaining traction, fans of both have started to describe the photo as a “GOAT farm” because of the two being the “Greatest Of All Time” in their fields. Numerous such posts litter the reply section of both tweets:
YouTuber Shaun Knight described the situation as “GOAT supporting GOAT”:
Tom Brady’s impeccable NFL record has rightfully elevated him to the status of Greatest of All Time, as he is normally called by his fans. From winning the Super Bowl with two different teams to a historic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, here are 10 reasons why Brady is the NFL GOAT.
In the case of MrBeast, in November last year, he became the most subscribed individual YouTuber after overtaking PewDiePie. Jimmy has seen insane growth on the platform due to his consistent production of highly viral videos and his YouTuber empire spans multiple channels in different languages. It is no wonder that he won the Creator of the Year award three times in a row.
An overwhelming number of people were excited about what surely looked like a proper upcoming collaboration between the two. Here are some general Twitter reactions to the picture, with many people commenting on their heights too:
MrBeast might be one of the most popular content creators in the world right now, and collaborating with Tom Brady would not be something very out of the ordinary. The YouTuber even appeared in a Super Bowl ad last month.
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