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Google’s Internet accountability grows from 6% to 25%


Latest statistics states that Google accounts for more than 25% of all the traffic on the Internet, courtesy of the numerous products and services offered by the search-engine giant.

Every time when you sign in to your Gmail account or hit Google Search to find out details about the new smartphone you have been looking out for, be sure to remember that you are being serviced by one of the largest providers on the Internet. On an average day, about 60% of all Internet consumers use Google services or exchange data through Google servers in some way or the other, reports Deepfield, one of the reputed Data and Internet infrastructure research firm.

A recently conducted research from Deepfield, on the basis of measurements of end device and audience share, claims that Google’s reach is deeper than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter combined. Deepfield’s analysis also includes computers, mobile devices, numerous game consoles, home media appliances, mobile apps and more.

Google is an even stronger contender if we only consider two of the most popular ways using which users connect to the Internet – computers and smartphones. “Google’s device share is much larger if we look only at computers and mobile devices,” says the official report from Deepfield.

One competitor that manages to put up a fight is Netflix, but the usage is limited and only for a specific time. “Only Netflix has larger bandwidth, but Netflix peaks last only for a few hours each evening during prime time hours and during Netflix cache update periods in the early morning,” says the official report.

Craig Labovitz, the co-founder of Deepfield gives all this credit not only to Google’s search engine, but also to other products and services being offered by the company including YouTube, Google Drive and millions of Android based mobile devices out in the market. “The odds are, if you have an Internet-connected device, at the end of the day it will be exchanging information with a Google server,” he said.

3 years ago, the company was accountable for just 6% on the Internet traffic, but today this value has increased four folds and its remarkable.

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