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New Xbox Games Releasing This Week | January 9 – January 13 – DualShockers

Are there any new Xbox Game Pass games this week?
Xbox players have had a dire couple of weeks when it comes to new releases, but that changes this week with a bunch of new games releasing on Xbox. So, what is coming out on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this week? Are there any new Xbox Game Pass titles to look forward to?
Strangely, Xbox Game Pass is looking bare this week with Microsoft being uncharacteristically quiet on the matter. Xbox players did get a couple of surprise additions over the festive holidays with the Soulslike RPG Mortal Shell making a return, and Stranded Deep surfacing just after the new year was rung in. We've heard rumours of Shadow Warrior 3 joining the subscription service, though at the time of writing, they remain rumors and Shadow Warrior 3 remains firmly off of the service.
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We do know that later in the month we'll see some Persona games and Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition join the Xbox Game Pass library, but this week looks to either be empty of new games or Microsoft will drop some surprises throughout the week. We're hoping for the latter.
So, onto the new releases. It's a quiet week, sure, but quality over quantity, right? We've got the next-gen release of the open-world action RPG Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to look forward to, alongside fellow JRPG One Piece Odyssey, with both games releasing on Friday, January 13. Don't let that be a bad omen…
Outside of the aforementioned JRPGs, the rest of this week's new Xbox games are more reserved, though Children of Silentown looks to be an interesting fit for point-and-click fans, while NEScape! will surely bring back happy memories of blowing into funky cartridges, though, according to the developer, it's the first escape room game for the NES; the game was developed for Nintendo's classic console, and has now been ported to Xbox. Interesting, no?
If anything else slips onto the store this week, we'll come back around and update this piece. If you're a forward-thinking gamer who plans their life around new releases (very wise) be sure to check out our complete list of video games releasing in 2023.
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