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There are still many traders that are trading or holding the classic token of LUNA. This project was once in the spotlights of the top 10 cryptos by market cap, with LUNC prices as high as 100$. However, its prices crashed to mere pennies. Will LUNC crash to 0 $? Let’s analyze in this Luna price prediction article.

The Terra project was supposed to introduce price stability to the crypto market through its prop UST. The latter is an algorithmic stablecoin that was intended to keep its peg to the US dollar. However, due to the crypto market’s instability in 2022 along with other fundamental issues with the network, UST lost its peg and collapsed. Consequently, the classic LUNA fell from grace, losing more than 99% of its value.

The original LUNA which collapsed from a price of 100$ reaching a few pennies, became known as LUNC or LUNA classic. The founder wanted to revive the company and issued another token on a brand new network called LUNA v2, which is known today as the LUNA token. Its launch price was around $18, but it crashed immediately upon listing to the current price of $2.3.
LUNC current price is around $0.00023 with a market capitalization of around $1.5 billion. LUNA prices however stand around $2.3 with a market cap of $300 million. It seems that LUNA has almost the same tokenomics with a 10,000:1 ratio with LUNC.

There are currently many exchanges where LUNA is listed. Here is a list of exchanges that currently list LUNA which we recommend:

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Now that we know the difference between LUNA and LUNC, we know that both belong to the same company and founder. Their fate is linked to the same Terra project.
After many backlashes and community dumps, Terra does not sound to be doing well. It was built on hype and strong backing. Today, many left the company while its founder Do Kwon seems to be wanted by the South Korean authorities. There are many stories that he already fled to Dubai. Who would want to still invest in such a company with such leadership? The price is standing where it is with the current market cap because of the old investors who lost more than 99% of their holdings and don’t feel like liquidating their few pennies in hopes of a comeback.
LUNA might still crash to 0 $. It’s just a matter of time before the whole project is abandoned. Only speculators are playing with the LUNC and LUNA token, pumping and dumping it as they please.

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