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Will next-gen iPhone be phablet device? Apple prototypes big screens for iPhones, iPads


Apple has been testing prototype versions of the iPhone and iPad that have very large displays, claims a report from WSJ. The report states that Apple has been prototyping iPhone screens that are larger than 4 inches and a tablet type device with a screen as big as 13-inches.

If you ever wished to have a bigger and better Apple iPhone or iPad, then you might someday be able to realize your dream. Not all consumers are interested in using smartphones that fit right into their hands, and not all consumers wish to own a tablet that’s just as big as their phablet device with a screen size between 5.5″-6″.

With the success of next-gen flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, it’s quite clear that consumers love large screens. Even though the Apple iPhone 5 has a large user base, the Cupertino-based company might be interested in testing out the large screen market and is currently working on it.

The Wall Street Journal also said that these prototype devices could be related to academics, and might not have anything to do with the future business plans of the company. If all be true that their source reported, Apple might end up releasing iPhones and iPads with larger screens. It would be difficult to imagine an iPhone that almost looks like the iPad Mini; the form factor might take away its unique look and design, but a 13-inch iPad would not exactly be an over-sized tablet.

Technically Apple won’t have a challenge to increase the display size from 4-inch to 5-inch, but what matters is the screen ratio. For once, the company’s own “thumb rule” will not be applicable anymore in which a regular person’s thumb must be able to reach across the screen with no trouble whatsoever. As the iPhone can’t just be stretched upwards, it has to expand horizontally. If it happens, “Will Apple be able maintain the resolution standards that the company has been known for, or Will developers have yet another nightmare as they try to cope up with yet another new display format?”

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