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Valorant patch 5.07 expected file size for PC – Sportskeeda

Valorant’s upcoming patch 5.07 will add a host of changes to the game, primarily affecting four Agents from the roster and helping balance a few unintentional trends. The patch will also add important UI features, inevitable bug fixes, and much-needed tweaks to a popular map.
As of now, the update is expected to be deployed on October 4, right after Riot Games conducts pre-patch maintenance. Considering all the changes associated with it, patch 5.07 is expected to be heavy in size.
Patch 5.07 will significantly change the flashing abilities of Yoru, Reyna, Skye, and KAY/O. It will also add new UI features surrounding the weapon inventory system and some bug fixes. The latest PBE 5.07 also hosted massive changes to the Fracture map, which are also expected to go live in Valorant with the upcoming patch.
Updates in Valorant usually range from 1.5 GB to 2 GB in size. Considering the upcoming modifications to be substantial, the file size of the patch is expected to be in the larger bracket. Patch 5.07 may range between 1.7-1.8 GB in size.
The developers took a closer look at the state of a few Agents this time and fixed some unintentional anomalies. Skye and KAY/O’s flashing abilities are currently very strong in one-versus-one situations that allow them to embrace an independent playstyle. Reyna’s Leer and Yoru’s Blindside are comparatively weaker, which is not how the developers intended.
To fix the aforementioned problem, the developers tweaked Skye and KAY/O’s Guiding Light and FLASH/DRIVE. Yoru and Reyna will now feature stronger flashing abilities, all thanks to patch 5.07.
Apart from changes related to Agents, the developers will add some balancing tweaks to a popular map with patch 5.07. Fracture is expected to receive quality-of-life improvements to balance the neutral space between attackers and defenders. The mid-less map with unique one-way ziplines is currently regarded as majorly attacker-centric, which the changes aim to fix.
Valorant belongs to the popular genre of tactical shooters, but the game’s style makes it equally susceptible to triggering boredom among players. Riot Games keeps adding new content to keep the playerbase on their toes. That said, introducing changes too frequently can overwhelm players and make the game’s learning curve steeper than intended.
Valorant’s Fracture was launched more than a year back. The developers had enough time to whip up meaningful renovations for the map, which are expected to influence the in-game meta for good. The upcoming Agent changes will also provoke players into adopting the playstyle Riot intended for each of Valorant’s Agent classes.
The upcoming UI changes also sound interesting, as players will be able to mark an owned weapon skin as their favorite. They will be able to filter their weapon collection based on favorites and tiers. A new feature called ‘Random Favorite’ will be added, which, when enabled, will assign a favorite (owned) gun skin or variant to players at the beginning of every match.
Apart from the intriguing content stated above, patch 5.07 will also introduce much-needed bug fixes involving Agents and in-game features. Three bugs related to Killjoy’s infamous Turret have been addressed, alongside a couple of problems associated with Phoenix and Breach.
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