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Is Valorant on PS5? – Esports.net News

For a long time before Valorant’s release, the FPS genre was led by games such as CS:GO and Overwatch. Since then, Valorant has gained a large following and has had a huge impact on the esports scene. Many have even jumped ship to join in on the fresh FPS experience Valorant had to offer. With Valorant’s huge success on PC and the recent popularity of Cross-Play and Cross-Platform, naturally, the demand for a console and mobile release has been increasing over time. But is Valorant on PS5?
Riot has come forward with improvements to the game, developing support for controllers on PC. With that, people started to speculate whether this was Riot’s first move into developing Valorant for consoles.
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As of right now, Valorant remains a PC game. Executive Producer Anna Donlon stated: “We are continuing our work on bringing Valorant to new platforms, it’s going slower than we’d hoped, probably slower than you’d hoped, but we want to get it right”. So it’s not a matter of if, but when.
According to previous leaks, Valorant was set to launch for console sometime around 2023. But based on recent statements and development, it’s more likely that we won’t see that happen until at least 2024. Rest assured it’s not just PlayStation fans that are affected, Valorant on Xbox is a dream that has yet to come true as well. We can still see job listings that also indicate that Riot is actively working on console games.
Following the lead of games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and Apex Legends sounds like a good business move at first glance. But is it? The dedication of the Valorant team to focus on growing with its community is what the players love most. Shifting their focus to releasing Valorant on multiple platforms might come at a cost for the game as a whole. Even with recent changes, such as the frequent updates/nerfs to beloved Agents, we’ve seen players take a disliking to the fact that devs “are not listening” anymore. So what would happen if some of the budget and attention for the PC game shifted towards a possible Console release? Valorant devs are still regularly updating fans on the game’s progress so it seems like only a matter of time before console play is announced!

Valorant is a highly competitive game, so much so that it has had a major impact on the esports scene as a whole. So, how is Valorant on PS5 going to change that?
Well, for starters, it could affect Valorant’s competitive play. Even if Valorant supported crossplay, there is still the question of how to deal with aim assist in competitive play. Would PS5 players have an advantage over PC players or vice versa?
As for Esports, it’s likely that there would be separate teams and leagues for Valorant on console, like we’ve seen with League of Legends Wild Rift on mobile.
Previous to this, Anna Donlon also stated that they “Really want Valorant to stand for a certain type of gameplay and a certain type of experience”. Valorant on PC plays in its own unique way that wouldn’t necessarily translate all that well to console play.
With all that being said, if we consider all the recent statements and leaks, it’s more than obvious that Valorant’s release on Console is just a matter of time. Now all that’s left to do is wait and see how Riot will implement it.
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