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Is Chris Tyson still married to Katie Tyson? Marriage explored amid transphobic backlash – Sportskeeda

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, YouTube megastar Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast, a long-time friend of Chris Tyson, slammed those criticizing Tyson after they revealed they were receiving hormone therapy. Tyson has regularly appeared on MrBeast and even hosts MrBeast Reacts, another channel, with Donaldson.
The backlash against Tyson began after a fan who noticed physical changes in the influencer inquired about the same. In response, Chris tweeted:
For those unaware, HRT stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy.
While many, including the MrBeast crew, rejoiced following Tyson’s revelation, others were not pleased and shared transphobic comments on social media, sparking a reaction from Jimmy Donaldson himself.
Donaldson’s move was a response to the video from Australian YouTuber Lachlan Windross, who goes by the online moniker SunnyV2, shared a video titled:
The video asserts that Chris’ increasingly feminine look would impede the channel’s popularity. One of the points the video addresses is Chris co-parenting his young son with his ex-wife Katie. The two separated in 2022.
Windross is known for making videos about the downfall of various internet personalities. His video about 26-year-old Chris Tyson went viral with over a million views.
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Chris Tyson hails from North Carolina and is a childhood friend of Jimmy Donaldson. They first appeared on MrBeast in 2015 and has since made frequent appearances on the channel.
In 2018, Chris married influencer Katie Tyson, known for her lifestyle and travel-related content on Instagram. Katie boasts a following of 155k and even has an Amazon page.
The two are parents to a son, Tucker Stephen Tyson, who was born in 2020.
Of late, fans have been speculating whether the pair had separated, given that Katie has not shared any content featuring Chris, despite regularly sharing photos with her toddler and other family members. Fans went as far as digging up the last time she shared a post with Chris, which was in December 2021.
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However, in February 2023, Tyson did comment on one of Katie’s posts with Tucker. The comment read:
In March 2023, Chris announced that they had divorced in the summer of 2022.
Since his announcement about receiving Hormone Replacement Therapy on April 6, 2023, Chris Tyson has been regularly updating followers and responding to comments about the same.
While many supported the influencer following news about HRT, there were some who shared negative comments. One particular fan wrote:
Chris Tyson had the perfect response to the fan, pointing out that Tucker misses them even if they leave for a shoot for just two days. They asserted that their son is “loved and happy,” remarking that no kid is born with hate, but is rather taught the same through external factors, adding that Tucker will “only know love.”
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