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Prime Day Kindle deals: Every Amazon e-reader is absurdly cheap – PCWorld

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Amazon’s Kindles are the e-readers most people want. Usually, high demand means higher prices. Yet Amazon is all but giving Kindles away for Prime Day 2022, offering up deals on both basic and bougie models at absurdly low prices, even as “Prime Day” continues on into its second day. (You need to be a Prime subscriber to claim the discounts, of course.)
The shiniest gem of the sale is the sublime Kindle Paperwhite, which earned accolades as both the best Kindle for most people and the best waterproof Kindle in our roundup of Amazon’s e-readers. It normally sells for $140 (and is well worth every cent), but Amazon plunged the price all the way down to $95 for Prime Day, blowing past the previous all-time low by a solid $10.
The Kindle Paperwhite delivers “a luxurious reading experience commensurate with its cost,” we said in our review. “In fact, the bigger screen, improved front light, and higher resolution tip the scales when deciding between it and Amazon’s basic Kindle.” It’s an absolute steal for $95.
That said, the basic Kindle is well worth considering at its Prime Day deal price. Normally retailing for $90, you can score it for just $45 during Prime Day—an absurdly low entry fee for a perfectly capable e-reader that hooks into Amazon’s vast e-book ecosystem.  
Finally, if you want the most luxurious e-reading experience possible, the Kindle Oasis is on sale for $175, down from $250. The biggest draw here is its screen. The 7-inch display is a full inch bigger than its brethren and backlit by 5x as many LEDs as the Paperwhite’s panel, adding brightness in clarity. It’s mostly identical to the Paperwhite in every other respect though, so if the extra inch and brightness isn’t especially appealing, you’d be better off opting for the significantly cheaper (and still excellent) Paperwhite.
Alternatively, the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition with a larger 6.8-inch screen and a whopping 32GB of storage (the others have 8GB) is on sale for $135, down from its usual $190. So, if sheer screen size is a concern, that’s also a compelling option, especially with all that extra storage in tow.
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