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Prices are climbing steadily, and while we can cite many reasons why, the most important thing to note is that, for at least the next couple of years — and maybe even longer — we’ll be looking at elevated prices for a lot of goods and services. That means that if you have a chance to lock in reasonable prices, particularly for something you pay for regularly, you’ll want to take advantage. And that’s precisely what Verizon Wireless is offering via its Welcome Unlimited Plan. Not only can you join America’s most reliable 5G nationwide network — according to Rootmetrics — but also you can lock in that price for three years. For families with four or more lines, the savings stack up. With four lines, you could be paying just $25 per line per month for the next three years. To take advantage of these low prices, you’ll need to bring your phone with you, and that’s true for both new and existing customers looking to snag a Verizon Wireless plan. You’ll have to hurry though, the offer is only available for a limited time.
Here’s how it works: You must switch to Verizon, bring your own phone — and your phone number too — and activate at least one new line on the Welcome Unlimited plan. If you are an existing customer already on the same plan, you can take advantage of this offer when you add a new line and bring your phone. You’ll get the Welcome Unlimited plan, which offers Unlimited 5G nationwide talk, text, and data access for all new lines. The offer price includes an additional $10 per line discount when you sign up for paper-free billing and auto pay, but it’s a bit more expensive if you want to get your bills in the mail or disable autopay. Either way, that’s an excellent price, and the three-year price guarantee means that cost won’t increase on you for quite a while, which is a huge game-changer in this day and age.
If you’re interested in checking out that offer right now, you can do so below, or keep reading for some more details on why you might want to switch to Verizon’s network — spoiler: it’s one of the best networks around.

For any wireless network, speeds are important, yes, but the qualifier that’s going to determine your experience most is reliability or more specifically the coverage. If there’s no coverage in the surrounding area, your devices will fall back to the lowest supported network speeds, which could be 4G, or nothing if there’s no signal at all. That’s why it’s important to choose a wireless provider that offers extensive coverage, and Verizon fits the bill. If you’re interested in seeing where Verizon’s 5G nationwide network offers signal, you can always check out the . You’ll notice right away that in nearly every area of the continental United States, and in some cases beyond, there’s plenty of coverage.
Verizon has the most reliable 5G network in America, and the proof is in the map above. But what about the features and functionality? What else does the network and a Verizon wireless plan support? With 5G Ultra Wideband, you get up to ten times faster bandwidth and network speeds, allowing you to do things like download full movies in minutes, or songs in seconds, for offline access. The network is designed to handle lots of traffic and large crowds, which means you’ll see minimal slowdowns even when doing network-heavy tasks like streaming, gaming, or chatting. It also won’t matter how many people around you are using the network; congestion is not as much of a concern. And you can video call and chat with friends and family, without any lag or frozen connections, plus you don’t need Wi-Fi anymore to do it — you can do it all via Verizon’s mobile network. It’s fast, reliable, and convenient.
Spouting stats — like Verizon’s 5G network coverage of over 2,700 cities across America — doesn’t do you much good. Sure, there might be over 200 million pieces of media and content you can listen to, watch, or stream, but how does that affect your everyday life? Ever been stuck in traffic and had your current media cut out on you due to poor signal or congestion? What about exploring somewhere nearby, even in your hometown, to suddenly find that you hit a dead spot — an area with absolutely no signal? These things can and do happen, but less frequently when you’re connected to Verizon’s 5G network. This means that whether you’re out shopping, playing, exploring, or working, you won’t have to worry about your signal decreasing or your coverage cutting out entirely.
You’ll be able to call friends, family, or colleagues from anywhere, and have a video chat with no interruptions. They’ll be able to see you clearly thanks to the reliable connection as well. You can play games online from anywhere. You can stream media and content from social media, streaming apps like Netflix, or whatever you prefer to use. You can pay your bills online with ease, browse the web, do some Amazon shopping, or check in at a local restaurant, and none of the usual stressors you might see with other networks are there. As long as you have a network-compatible phone, you’re good to go, and you’ll stay connected. In today’s hyper-digital world that’s more than just a convenience, that’s how we live. You’ll be able to truly experience mobile networks the way they were always meant to, with virtually no concessions.
Just to reiterate, for a limited time, you can take advantage of Verizon’s best price ever for its Welcome Unlimited plan. Prices start as low as $25 per line, per month, for up to four lines when you switch — or sign up — and you bring your existing phones. That low and phenomenal price will be locked in for three years, but you’ll have to hurry. Terms and conditions do apply, which you can review — and should — before making any decisions. If you’ve been waiting to snag a good deal on a Verizon wireless plan, now is the perfect time.

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