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The Most Expensive YouTube Videos Of Mr. Beast, Ranked – TheRichest

Mr. Beast is infamous for spending a few millions for making his quirky videos.
He’s making $3-5 million per month as a YouTube star, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast’s claim to fame is his highly publicized stunts that award large sums of money away to charities and strangers.
With a net worth of $100 million and as his YouTube success grew, Donaldson began investing his earnings into the next video. Most recently, spending as much as $300,000 on one of the video stunts.
He might play a game that leads to strangers walking away with free cash, or he might adopt an entire shelter of rescue dogs, inspiring others to give back and to watch that feel good moment over and over again.
In 2022, MrBeast won Favorite Male Creator award at the Kids’ Choice Awards and of course, was slimed after accepting.
Let’s take a look at the most expensive YouTube videos MrBeast has produced to date.
In a game asking participants to hit a specific target to win cash prizes, MrBeast challenged people to throw a basketball off of a bridge and make it in the hoop or hit the bullseye on a dartboard. Overall, the money given away totaled $300,000 but one lucky winner was able to hit a half-court basketball shot and won the big prize of $200,000.
In one of his most recent stunts MrBeast rented a blimp at the Daytona 500 in Orlando, paid to have it wrapped with a message for his good friend Karl’s mother, ‘I Love Karl’s Mom’. Fans loved the display of affection, perhaps for the fact that a fan of MrBeast is probably a fan of Karl’s mother but more so, for the fact that their favorite YouTube star was making himself known at one of the largest races in the world.
It would be the ultimate feel-good moment to be able to walk through a grocery store, an apartment complex or local business to hand out cash ‘just because’. MrBeast did just that recently, handing a business owner going out of business a bag containing $30,000 and covering the rent for unsuspecting tenants at a local apartment complex. In the same video, he pays a few random college students’ debts and purchases MacBook’s and PlayStation 5’s for high school students.
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In Sept. of 2021, MrBeast challenged 100 people to stay inside a large red circle for as long as possible, granting the one left standing a cash prize of $500,000. Over several days, contestants stood their ground while the circle continued to shrink. In addition, mini challenges within the circle won some participants items like a Tesla and other small cash prizes.
One of his most popular videos was the building of his very own Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, including chocolate water fountain, a room full of marshmallows and picking out the toilet seat made entirely of cake. In the final challenge, participants were asked to make their own sweet dessert and receive a score by none other than celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. In the end, according to INSIDER, the winner could choose a cash prize of $500,000 or the deed to the Willy Wonka set. They chose the cash of course.
A fan of purchasing islands and giving them away, MrBeast challenged participants to live on an island and compete in a series of challenges. Lose the challenge and get booted from the island. According to Sportskeeda, the last two remaining were friends of the YouTube star, Karl Jacobs and Chandler Hallow, with Hallow making it to the end.
The famed social media star went to multiple locations; electronic stores, grocery stores and jewelry stores to name a few, offering strangers the chance to spend as much money as they could in 60 seconds. While no one was able to spend the entire million, whatever they were able to spend was there’s to keep.
In a five-part video series, MrBeast challenged winners from the first four videos to lay their hand on a glass case, containing $1 million. Sounds easy right? Not as easy as one might think as the challenge continued for several days, leaving one lucky winner to accept the million dollars in cash. The participant coming in at second place earned $30,000, third place winner received $10,000 and the video itself was an estimated $40,000. As of 2021, this was the largest winning cash prize in MrBeast’s series, but there was still more where that came from.
Remember the popular Netflix reality show Squid Game? According to SVG, as a part of his 100 million subscriber special, MrBeast took a select number of subscribers to reenact the game with a series of challenges on a private island. The prize? The island itself, at a reported worth of $2 million. Include the full costumes, set design and effects, the YouTube star has shared that the video cost him at least $3.5 million.
Just this month, MrBeast made the news once again for treating fans to a private jet charter, including gourmet meals, a movie theater and onboard massages. According to Luxury Launches, the flight cost $500,000 per ticket and was followed by an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World. While there isn’t a clear estimate of the total cost yet, we know the plane featured $2 million carpeting and gold-plated sinks and a single piece of artwork valued at $2 million. It’s safe to say, based on how many took the trip, our $4.5 million estimate is low.
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