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Free Fire Advance Server OB35: Expected APK release date and how to apply for activation code – Sportskeeda

Free Fire is one of the top names in the battle royale category and has gained massive popularity among the gaming audience for its immersive BR experience across the globe. The title offers HD quality graphics and dynamics, like real-life inspired weapons, vehicles, and much more.
Developers release new updates to the title to make the game more interesting. With each new update, new modes, cosmetics, and various items are added to the title. The upcoming OB35 update is already being hyped in the community as it is expected to arrive with some magnificent add-ons.
The Advance Server for the OB35 update will be made available soon by the developers. It will offer players the opportunity to test various new features before the official release of the update on different platforms.
Note: Free Fire is banned in India. Due to government-imposed restrictions, gamers in the country are advised not to play the game. They may play the MAX version that is not among the banned applications.
The new updates are always exciting for players as they bring a flurry of new additions and features to the game. The OB35 update is also expected to bring many new changes and fixes to make the gaming experience even more amazing.
The Advance Server for the OB35 update is expected to be released to the developers by July 7 or 8, 2022. This means that during this time, players will be able to open the Advance Server for the OB35 update and explore all the new features. Getting feedback from players about any remaining bugs will also allow developers to fix them prior to the official release of the update.
The release date of the OB35 update is expected to be between July 20 and 23, 2022. The update will be made available on all leading app stores. Players can also use APK files to install the update in case they don’t receive the new update on their device.
Garena offers a very simple process for players to register for the Advance Server of the game. Players can apply for an activation code, which will give them access to the server.
Here is a step-by-step guide on the process of applying for an activation code:
1) When Garena makes the official announcement regarding the new update, players are advised to head to the Free Fire Advance Server website.
2) Upon opening the website using any reputed browser, players are required to sign up on the website with the appropriate credentials.
3) Players will get the option to sign up with their Google and Facebook accounts.
4) Upon successfully signing up, the player will need to click on the Join Now option.
With the above-mentioned steps followed, the user will be registered for the Advance Server and will receive the Activation code on his account.
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