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Xbox Game Pass Adds 2 Games Today – GameRant

Microsoft updates its Xbox Game Pass subscription service to include two more games, including one title that could be considered a day one release.
The latest Xbox Game Pass update has added the full version of Everspace 2 for PC Game Pass subscribers, as well as Iron Brigade for those on consoles and the cloud. These two games are just the latest to join the Xbox Game Pass lineup in April 2023, with one new game added earlier this week.
The new Xbox Game Pass games for April 2023 got off to a strong start thanks to the addition of Loop Hero on April 4. Loop Hero is a unique RPG where the hero controls himself and players manipulate the world around him. It earned mostly positive reviews at the time of its release and became a surprise hit in 2021, often hailed as one of the best new game releases of that year. While it wasn't advertised as a day one Xbox Game Pass game, one could still make the argument that it fit the criteria, as Loop Hero came to Game Pass on the very same day that it made its Xbox debut.
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Everspace 2 is another game that Xbox didn't market as a "day one release," yet its full release would still qualify it as such. Anyone with a PC Game Pass subscription or who is subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can check out the full release of Everspace 2 starting today. Meanwhile, those on console and the cloud can try Iron Brigade, an older game that originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2011 before making its way to PC in 2012.
It's somewhat surprising that Iron Brigade didn't make its way to the Xbox Game Pass lineup sooner. After all, Iron Brigade was developed and published by Double Fine Studios, which is owned by Microsoft. There are still some Double Fine games missing from the Xbox Game Pass lineup, but perhaps they will follow in Iron Brigade's footsteps and join the subscription service at some point in the near future.
While it remains to be seen if more Double Fine games are coming to Xbox Game Pass, subscribers do know of some other titles they can look forward to in April 2023. Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 12, NHL 23 is coming to Game Pass Ultimate on April 13, and Minecraft Legends is being added on April 18. Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is joining Game Pass on April 20, and The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming on April 27.
It was also recently confirmed that farming/life sim game Homestead Arcana is coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 21. The full slate of games coming in the second half of April 2023 haven't been revealed just yet, though, so it's possible Xbox Game Pass subscribers have even more to look forward to this month.
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