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LG's got one last hurrah for the V60 with an Android 13 update – Android Police

The ghost of LG past still haunts us
Back when it was in business, LG's mobile division was one of the top dogs, making some of the best Android phones out there. The writing was on the wall, but we were disheartened to see the company fold soon after unveiling the rollable prototype at CES 2021. New hardware may be gone, but old LG phones are still receiving software updates. This week, the LG V60 ThinQ is receiving its final Android OS update.
Late last year, the LG Velvet received its Android 13 update, and now, three months later, it's the LG V60’s turn to run the latest version of Android. People on Reddit using this phone from 2020 are reporting the arrival of the Android 13 update in the US (via Android Authority). At the time of writing, it appears to be limited to T-Mobile users, though.
Since the phone was introduced in 2020 and LG promised three years of OS upgrades, this will probably be the last official Android update for the V60. Late in 2022, LG released a list of phones which would receive the Android 13 update in subsequent months. Although devices like the LG Wing and LG Velvet were on the list and one of them received its update in December, the LG V60 wasn’t mentioned then, but has received the update.
The 1.18GB Android 13 update contains minor bug fixes, security improvements, and the OS version update. People installing it report a noticeable improvement in the responsiveness of their device and a reduction in RAM usage, indicative of Android 13’s better memory management and LG’s sincerity towards the cause.
The fate of users locked in on networks like AT&T and Verizon isn’t clear, but there are no reports of the Android 13 update reaching them yet. Hopefully, everyone stateside can install the update sooner rather than later.
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