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5 best Free Fire tips to level up quickly in February 2023 – Sportskeeda

Garena Free Fire and its MAX variant offer an engaging shooter gaming experience, especially for low-end smartphone users. Features like weapon skins, character abilities, and pet skills up the ante during in-game clashes. In addition, one can earn multiple rewards by leveling up in the game.
Players can increase their Free Fire and FF MAX levels with the EXP (experience) they earn by playing different game modes. A higher level will grant a new reward while providing a sense of accomplishment. However, beginners often need help to level up and attain prizes rapidly.
In the following section, readers can find the best tips that will allow them to quickly level up in Free Fire this month (February 2023).
EXP points reflect the earned experience in the game. It implies that one can earn more points, i.e., gain more experience, by playing a considerable amount of matches in Garena Free Fire and FF MAX. Players can compete in more BR and CS-Ranked games, which will provide a better result regarding EXP points.
Apart from just featuring in the matches, one can also focus on winning in both BR and CS modes. A win will maximize the EXP points players would have earned otherwise from a match. However, they must also note that playing in custom rooms will not yield any EXP in Free Fire.
Aside from surviving in BR matches, players can also focus on showcasing better performance by getting more kills in either Clash Squad or Battle Royale mode, as one cannot claim Booyah in every match. For better performance, players can watch more tips and tricks videos posted by different YouTubers.
They can also consider using a better combination of character abilities and weapons to succeed during BR and CS matches.
As players focus on playing and winning more matches to attain more EXP, they can also try to complete the daily missions to get more points in Garena Free Fire. It will also provide them with additional game prizes, including loadout items and other accessories.
Players need EXP points to level up in Free Fire and its MAX version. Hence, using EXP Cards is the most effective way to level up in the game quickly. Once the players have attained an EXP Card (100% or 50%), it will be activated automatically. One can earn more EXP points during the activation period than in the game.
A 100% EXP Card is available in the store for 100 diamonds, which is not a favorable option for many F2P users. Therefore, players can focus on grabbing the free EXP Cards, especially the 50% ones, through daily guild logins and in-game events. This way, one can benefit from getting extra EXP points in FF and FF MAX without paying any diamonds (real money).
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