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Microsoft on Wednesday announced that Azure Government users now have access to the AI-based Azure OpenAI Service.
The company said that the new services, provided to customers with increased security and privacy needs, will be able to take advantage of AI-accelerated features found in its standard Azure OpenAI Service.
"Azure OpenAI Service REST APIs provide access to OpenAI’s powerful language models, including GPT-4, GPT-3, and Embeddings," wrote Microsoft’s Bill Chappell Chief Technology Officer, Strategic Missions and Technologies, in a blog announcement. "You can adapt these models to your specific task, including but not limited to content generation, summarization, semantic search and natural language-to-code translation."
Chappell pointed that government users can especially benefit from generating responses using grounding data — which only pulls queue results and prompted answers from internal data sources deemed trustworthy by the organization. "In general, the closer you can get your source material to the final form of the answer you want, the less work the model needs to do, which means there is less opportunity for error."
Microsoft  said that government users’ data will stay secured by encrypting prompt queries with MACsec AES-128 block cipher. Further, the data will only travel, and not be stored, in the Azure OpenAI model. Microsoft also promised that inputted government data will not be used to further train the AI models.
Azure Government is interconnected with the commercial Microsoft Azure network and "doesn’t peer directly with the public internet or the Microsoft corporate network," as illustrated in Figure 1.
Government IT can also request consideration for limited access eligibility to the Azure OpenAI Services to gain additional management capabilities. Per Chappell:
For those looking to take advantage of the Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft has published a quick guide for organizations.  
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