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The Greatest Series On Disney+ – TheGamer

Disney Plus has some compelling shows.
The world now has a litany of streaming services. There are the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Max, Hulu, and Peacock. Disney Plus is another standout service that contains movies and TV shows from everything the giant company owns. Unless you're super rich, the odds of you being able to subscribe to every service are slim.
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Therefore, you may be wondering what Disney Plus has to offer before you commit to it. Alternatively, you may already be subscribed and are looking for what to watch on it. Either way, these are the best series the US version of the service has to offer.
Along with all its new bright and shiny shows, Disney Plus also contains classic series from the various channels Disney owns. For instance, ABC is owned by Disney. Back in the '90s, that network aired the classic coming-of-age sitcom known as Boy Meets World.
The show follows the everyday lives of several kids as they grow from children to adults. It chronicles both their home and school lives. Along the way, there is plenty of comedy to appreciate. There is also a fair amount of drama, romance, and heartwarming moments.
It feels strange to call The Beatles: Get Back a 'show.' It is better described as a captivating docuseries made by Peter Jackson. Yes, he is the man behind the Lord Of The Rings movies. The Beatles: Get Back doesn't have the same amount of orcs, elves, and video game adaptations.
It does, however, provide a compelling look at one of the most highly regarded bands ever. It primarily focuses on them putting together the famed Let It Be album. And plenty of unseen footage and audio are used throughout.
In recent years, the MCU has spread over to Disney Plus in the form of various exclusive series. One of the best of them is simply titled Loki. This series follows the titular character after he used the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame.
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It was an act that created a new timeline and caught the attention of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), which is an all-powerful group that monitors the timeline. They get Loki to fix his mess under the threat of being erased from existence. It makes for a thrilling and visually stunning adventure with a fair amount of humor.
There haven't been many better comeback stories in regards to public opinion than the Star Wars prequels. The Clone Wars animated series is a significant reason why opinion has changed on the previously derided movies.
As the title suggests, it is set during the Clone Wars between Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith. As such, it fills in some of the gaps in the prequels' story, along with providing more context to certain events. Most Clone Wars episodes follow the adventures of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as newcomers Ahsoka and various clone troopers. They all find themselves amid the war between the Republic and the Separatists.
The Mandalorian was one of the first Disney Plus exclusive series to garner significant attention. The reason it stands out is that it provides a different sort of Star Wars adventure. Instead of Jedis and Sith, you get to experience the journey of a Mandalorian.
He and his little ally Grogu travel all over the galaxy, solving problems and overcoming obstacles. It makes for some compelling episodes. As such, several fans want a game based on their adventures. It's unclear whether or not it would work as a game, but the story certainly functions very well as a series.
While there are a lot of things on Disney Plus aimed at younger audiences, there is more mature content also. One example is called A Small Light.
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This drama series is based on a true story about a secretary named Miep Gies, who attempted to hide Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis during World War 2. So, A Small Light deals in very strong subject matter, but it does so with grace and respect. The result is a compelling series, which is due in part to its wonderful cast.
Films and TV series based on graphic novels don't always work out. But Disney Plus' American Born Chinese shows that good adaptations are possible. This one follows the adventures of an ordinary teenager called Jin Wang. Or at least, he begins the narrative as an ordinary teen.
Yet, his life gets much wackier when he meets a new student with an interesting family. To put it simply, Jin ends up getting dragged into a conflict between Chinese gods. The tone is primarily comedic, but there are some fast-paced action scenes, too.
Andor fits into the Star Wars timeline just before Rogue One. In fact, the events of this series serve as a precursor to that particular Star Wars movie. The series follows Cassian Andor, who is a thief-turned-rebel.
He and everyone else in the series are navigating an Empire-controlled galaxy. As a result, the series gives you a close look at how the Empire is running things. This leads to some pretty dark scenes for a Star Wars series. There are also some hopeful ones, though, since the show is also about the rebellion coming together.
Sometimes the MCU gets criticized for playing it safe and following a specific formula. That same critique can not be given to WandaVision. This is very much a different type of Marvel project.
It features Wanda Maximoff and Vision as they live out a suburban life. However, things are clearly not as they seem. For starters, Vision is supposed to be dead by this point in the MCU timeline. Secondly, their life doesn't seem real, as it looks and feels like a sitcom. These oddities allow the series to grab your attention straight away and not let go until the end.
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