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Will Shiba Inu tail Dogecoin’s price rally? – Cointelegraph

Shiba Inu’s price risks dropping 20% in April as it forms a classic bearish continuation pattern, based on technical analysis.
The price of Shiba Inu (SHIB) increased over 10% in a day amid broader upside moves across meme cryptocurrencies in the past 24 hours. But will SHIB’s price rally further?
On April 4, SHIB’s price reached $0.00001159 a day after rebounding from its local low of $0.00001049 — a 10.5% increase. Still, the memecoin underperformed compared to most of its rivals, including Dogecoin (DOGE), which jumped over 30% in the same period.
On a year-to-date timeframe, SHIB and DOGE’s gains are nearly identical around 38%. 
SHIB’s price started rallying after Twitter, owned by self-proclaimed Dogecoin supporter Elon Musk, replaced its iconic blue bird logo with Dogecoin’s Shiba Inu symbol. SHIB/USD has rallied similarly in the past due to Musk’s Dogecoin mentions on Twitter.
Interestingly, in October 2021, Musk clarified that he does not hold Shiba Inu.
From a technical standpoint, SHIB has been consolidating higher inside what appears to be a bear flag pattern, which may limit its ability to mirror a Dogecoin-like 30% price rally.
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A bear flag is a bearish continuation pattern that forms when the price trends higher briefly inside an ascending parallel channel after undergoing sharp declines. It resolves after the price breaks below the lower trendline with strong volumes and falls by as much as the previous downtrend’s height (flagpole).
As of April 4, SHIB has been testing the flag’s upper trendline (near $0.00001160) for a potential pullback toward the lower trendline (near $0.00001050).
A further close below the lower trendline may trigger the bear flag breakdown scenario, with its downside target near $0.00000883 in April, down over 20% from current price levels.
Conversely, a breakout above the flag’s upper trendline risks invalidating the bearish setup. In doing so, SHIB’s upside target appears to be at its long-term descending trendline resistance — at around $0.00001400 in April, up 25% from current prices.
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