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How to download all Episode 5 in-game tracks in Valorant – Sportskeeda

Valorant has been a popular competitive shooter in the esports industry. Especially after the title won the Esports Game of the Year Award for 2022. Riot Games has been working hard to provide a wonderful experience for all players. As Christmas nears, the developers are giving a small present to the community.
Riot Games has brought a surprising holiday present for Valorant lovers. Riot Games Music’s official Twitter handle has announced that players can download all the in-game tracks for Episode 5. They can stream the tracks on their desired platform through the link provided by Riot.
This article will guide players on downloading and streaming these tracks through the provided platforms.
Episode 5 official tracks are now available for all players to download through Valorant and Shyloom. On the official Twitter handle, Riot Games Music provides a link from where all the players can access the Episode 5 in-game tracks. Here’s how you can do it:
Gamers from all around the world can access the Episode 5 library and enjoy in-game tracks from the comfort of their handheld devices. Players can not only stream but also download them to enjoy without an internet connection. Furthermore, it depends on the platform they are using.
Episode 5 is ending with only about a month left of Act 3. Riot Games has appreciated the community by letting players enjoy a few gifts as the holidays are nearing. The year-end celebration is already in progress, as gamers can now enjoy the Recall Event Pass in Valorant to acquire free cosmetics.
2022 has been a great year for Valorant, with the game reaching its peak. Events like Game Changers have helped many female players to start their professional journey. This year marked the highest involvement of women players in the game. That being said, the shooter is gaining more and more recognition.
Valorant players must prepare themselves as a new map and episode are also in the works. Many changes are on the way with Bind and Breeze in plans to get replaced with Split and the new map in the near future. It can be assumed that Riot Games has more updates planned to deliver crucial changes next year.
Before the big updates drop, players can enjoy the holiday season with these gifts provided by Riot Games and have a good time. Furthermore, players can also enjoy their favorite first-person shooter through the Xbox Game Pass to get additional perks while playing the game.
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