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Valorant file size in Episode 5 Act 3 – Sportskeeda

Valorant Episode 5 has introduced a wide range of content to the community, including a brand new map and a new Controller Agent, all thanks to Riot Games’ efforts to engage players. The introduction of a new ranking system has also diversified the competitive experience.
As Episode 5: Dimensions comes to a conclusion with Act 3, players might be wondering how large the game is in terms of storage space. More often than not, players may find it strange to have little to no hard disk space while installing the game.
This article aims to help players understand the exact file size of Riot’s shooter in Episode 5 Act 3.
The file size on a Windows system stays the same whether on an SSD or HDD. For a Windows system, 28.4 GB of free space is required, excluding the Riot Client launcher. The entire game, including the Riot Client, amounts to around 28.8 GB.
For a Mac system, users will need to reserve around 26 GB of disk space. However, at least 50 GB is recommended for all systems to accommodate updates.
With Episode 5, Valorant has brought plenty of new content to players. The addition of an underwater map called Pearl has increased the file size of the game as there are plenty of assets that come along with it. Along with that, constant updates by Riot Games for bug fixes and patches have increased the required storage space.
It has been two years since Valorant set foot in the competitive gaming industry. Compared to other games in the market, the shooter does not even cross the 40 GB threshold after installation.
Part of the reason why the title is not that heavy on the system’s storage space is due to its low-requirement graphics. The game’s visuals are visually appealing but do not require a high-spec system to run it. In fact, Valorant is an extremely accessible title that can be played on almost any system.
Episode 5: Dimensions is certainly an upgrade to Riot’s shooter. The new season has not only changed the meta for the shooter but also made the game more tactical with its Agent tweaks. The addition of the Indian Agent, Harbor, has also led to a slight change in the way Controller characters are played in the game.
Riot Games is expected to add more content in the near future that may affect the current file size of Valorant. As of now, gamers can easily use any storage device under 164 GB, which could vary for other systems such as Mac machines. The title, however, is not expected to cross the 60 GB threshold.
Episode 6 is now on the horizon and a new map is officially on the way. However, Riot Games has not yet released any details. Split and the said map is set to replace Breeze and Bind in the competitive and unrated queue to maintain the seven-map pool. The addition of the new map is likely to marginally affect the file size in the new Episode.
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