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Someone Made A ‘Call Of Duty’ Clone In ‘Roblox’ And It’s Really Good – Forbes

‘Frontlines’ is a ‘Call Of Duty’ clone made in Roblox.
Yesterday, I took a game called Frontlines for a spin. You can see a screenshot from the game I took up above. It looks a lot like Call Of Duty and the canyon map reminds me quite a bit of a similarly themed map in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.
Frontlines is a Call Of Duty clone. You have an arsenal of modern military weapons to unlock—SMGs, Assault Rifles, etc.—with a bevy of attachments to upgrade, from optics to magazines to stocks and so forth. You engage enemy teams in fierce multiplayer matches, where movement, accuracy and speed determine who lives and who dies. It’s a mil-sim arcade twitch shooter with great graphics, fast gameplay and it’s totally free.
It’s also made using Roblox, a gaming ecosystem where creators can build games and players can play a wide array of user-generated content. When I think of Roblox, I think of games like this:
Welcome To Bloxburg
Or this:
Murder Mystery 2
Roblox makes me think of blocky, kid-friendly games that are cute and relatively basic. I definitely didn’t realize that it was possible to create a twitch FPS Call Of Duty clone like Frontlines, but I am always happy to be pleasantly surprised. The game was developed by Roblox developer Maximillian and can be played for free (using the Roblox app) right here.
I played a couple hours of the game yesterday and captured some of that footage. The game modes I tried were Team Death Match, Domination and King of the Hill (a sort of Hardpoint/HQ hybrid). There are a few maps to choose from, ranging from sprawling warehouses on the side of a mountain to gorgeous desert canyons. Some observations:

Here’s my video of the game in action:
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