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Halo Infinite Season 3 Echoes Within Patch Notes – GameSpot

Here are all the changes happening to Halo Infinite in Season 3.
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After ten long months, 343 Industries released a new Halo Infinite season. Season 3, Echoes Within, introduces lots of new features to the game, such as balance changes being made to ranked mode that’ll reduce the amount of ammo you can hold in certain guns while playing ranked, new Forge features that’ll allow you to customize specific 343 Industries maps, and more. Here are all the changes happening in Season 3.
The Season 3 update download size will vary based on your platform of choice.
Now whenever players are in Forge mode, they can edit their version of officially 343 maps. You can also remove specific items on these maps to open up new areas not included in the original maps. It is worth mentioning that a few maps can’t be edited. Listed below are the maps that are fully supported:
In addition to the fully supported maps, two new game modes can now be implemented in Forge. Players will now have the option to create custom games and maps based on Land Grab and Total Control. They’ll also be able to add an invisible gravity lift and invisible kinetic launcher on their maps.
Now whenever players are in the Custom Games Mode editor menu, they can enable friendly and enemy outlines to help them spot each other easily. They’ll also be able to adjust if friendly players can crash into one another or simply pass through them.
The Halo Infinite Shop will no longer change its weekly items on Tuesday at 11 AM PST. Instead, the store will update every Tuesday and Friday going forward. If there’s a bundle included in the shop, there’ll be a white banner with a magnifying glass and package icon located on the picture, and if the bundle is new to the shop, a yellow triangle will appear on the top right corner.
The shop page has introduced a new “Quick Look” feature. Whenever a player is looting an item/bundle, a list will appear telling them what’s included in the bundle.
Changes to the Post-Game Carnage Report have also been made. At the end of a game, players can see new shades added to their earned medals to showcase how rare each one is. Team Statics will now appear in the Team Lineup tab, so the other person’s character, Nameplate, and Backdrop will appear whenever someone selects a player from their team.
PC players can now enable Ray Traced Sun Shadows. This can be done by entering the settings menu, and when it’s enabled, all shadows cast by the sun will be more detailed. However, it’s important to mention that this feature doesn’t apply to the campaign.
Plasma Pistol
The Plasma Pistol charge time has been increased, and it’s now less aggressive while it’s tracking the charge.
VK78 Commando Rifle
It only takes nine shots now to break a player’s shield with the VK78 Commando Rifle.
Ranked Only
The amount of starting ammo for the CQS48 Bulldog, Shock Rifle, Heatwave, and Stalker Rifle has all been reduced.
For more information on all of the changes made to Halo Infinite Season 3, be sure to check out the official Halo Website for more information, and check out our Halo Infinite Season 3 Echoes Within: New Mode, Maps, Battle Pass, And More for a better look at what Season 3 has to offer.

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