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4 News Now’s Aaron Luna takes a deep dive into Turo, a car rental company.
4 News Now’s Aaron Luna takes a deep dive into Turo, a car rental company.
Copyright: 4 News Now
SPOKANE, Wash. — You did it! You convinced the family to pick a vacation spot everyone loves.
Now, you just need a ride to get around.
You’ve checked the car rental company’s prices, and now you’re thinking it may be the Motel 6 instead of the Four Seasons.
But hold on. Don’t give up the shower with four directional nozzles just yet.
“I’m a mom on a budget,” Allie Hyams said. “I’m looking for the best deal.”
Hyams knows a thing or two about renting cars for family vacations.
“It’s like AirBNB for cars,” Hyams said.
She is talking about Turo, a car rental company. Instead of renting from a car company, you rent a car from a person through Turo.
“Both times when I went with the Turo option,” Hyams said. “It was the cheaper option.”
Peer-to-peer-car-sharing platforms like Turo let you browse specific cars owned by real people, which is nice when you need something special that fits seven people.
“Unless you want to do a minivan but rolling around in a minivan in bachelorette party aint gonna work, so we got a Lincoln Navigator,” Nyams said.
Daniel Almaraz also uses Turo. He likes how the app lets you pick up the car where you need it. A lot of times for him, that’s the airport.
“And it’s like you’re just coming to your own car and leaving and getting on your way after a long flight,” Almaraz said.
That was time spent getting to his destination instead of waiting in line at the car counter, and he did get a better deal.
“I was saving about $15 a day,” Almaraz said. 
Of course, just like car rental companies, you’ll find fees for different things — pets, young driver, a Turo trip fee, a cleaning fee if you’re super messy. And keep in mind, you are renting from a person.
“It was rented through Hector, he’s had 80 trips, he’s got a 4.9 star,” Hyams said. “So, it really does work just like AirBNB, right?”
Here is another thing Hyam says to keep in mind with Turo-style car rentals.
“You’re not going to be able to just drive it from here and leave it here,” Hyams said. “You have to bring it back to point B, or to point A.”
If you need a long-term rental, she says rental companies have better deals than Turo.
Whether you’re a mom on a budget or bachelorette-party bound, when it comes to saving money, apps like Turo give you options.
“It was $111 per day.,” Hyams said. “For a Lincoln Navigator, that’s pretty good, right?” 
Checking prices here in Spokane, Turo was not the least expensive, and prices vary from city to city.
Bigger cities usually means better options.
KXLY+’s Rob King sits down with 4 News Now Anchor Aaron Luna before his April 27 special report on car sharing apps.
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