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XRP Prices
XRP was one of the hottest crypto investments before the 2022 market crash when it lost over 70% of its value. However, as the markets recover, XRP tokens are on the rise once again. The coin experienced a massive price surge in April 2023, reaching around $0.50. The SEC charged the platform in 2020, and if the court rules in XRP’s favor, the crypto will likely reach $1 once again.
Therefore, XRP token holders will likely double their investments in the next few weeks. However, while Ripple’s price predictions look excellent, they can’t compare with upcoming tokens such as WSM, $AI, $SPONGE, ECOTERRA, $YPRED, and $DLANCE, expected to lead to 100x gains or higher by the end of 2023. So, let’s see how XRP compares to the latest cryptos on the market.
XRP was charged in 2020 by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for failing to register its security features, which could result in massive losses for all token holders. The lawsuit focused on potential problems if Ripple lost the case, including huge financial penalties.
Ripple’s CEO chose to fight the charges instead of settling, as most other projects have done before. The legal battle has been ongoing for three years, and judging from the current situation, Ripple will likely emerge as the winner. If that happens, Ripple will clear its name, motivating investors in mass to adopt the platform’s unique global payments system. Moreover, XRP tokens will be fully legalized and regulated, just like Bitcoin, making XRP one of the most trusted cryptos on the market.
These factors will likely result in a significant bull run for all XRP token holders. Some experts estimate that XRP could match previous all-time highs of $3.84 hours after the court decision. However, the most optimistic token holders put the XRP coin at $21.84 by late 2023 or early 2024, bringing investors huge returns. However, even if that happens, we are looking at 40x returns at best, which are much lower gains than expected from upcoming platforms such as AiDoge, $SPONGE, and others.
If you want to invest in cryptos with the highest gain potential, the following cryptos should be on top of your investing priority list. Some are in presale, while others went live just a few days ago. All six can potentially result in 10x, 100x, and even 1,000x returns. 
Wall Street Memes
The Wall Street Memes token, or WSM in short, is a new meme coin platform with a 1 million strong community. Its goal is to make fun of so-called “financial experts” who don’t want to adopt or acknowledge the massive potential of crypto markets. If 2023 taught us anything, it’s that central banks, the FED, WEF, and other centralized banks don’t have an answer to the rising financial uncertainty caused by vast amounts of debt, poorly designed systems, and other issues.
The official WSM token presale began on May 26. 2023, so it’s still in phase one. You can get WSM tokens for only $0.025 per coin. Head to the official site and invest today to get the highest returns in the next few months.
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AiDoge 1
AiDoge is another upcoming meme coin platform that offers excellent tokenization and real-world use cases. Namely, the AI-powered meme generation platform allows users to create viral memes in seconds. However, users need credits obtained by exchanging $AI tokens to create memes. 
According to the project’s roadmap, AiDoge will add more features, including the ability to stake tokens and get daily credit rewards and a voting system that allows users to vote for the best AI-created meme. AiDoge raised over $14.5 million in presale, an impressive number for a meme token that has yet to reach the markets. $AI tokens will sell for $0.0000336 during the final stage, so hurry up and invest to secure the highest returns in the future.
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We wouldn’t have a complete list of meme coins without mentioning $SPONGE, a new platform fully inspired by the world’s most popular children’s cartoon – SpongeBob SquarePants. Like AiDoge, this meme platform allows users to create viral SpongeBob-Themed memes with just a few clicks.
However, unlike most other tokens, $SPONGE coins had no presale stages, launching on Uniswap’s decentralized exchange on day one. $SPONGE tokens exploded immediately, leading to 2.500% returns for all early investors. The platform was released a few weeks ago, so it still has room to grow. $SPONGE tokens are selling for $0.00031 right now, and once they gain momentum, they could reach prices of as high as $0.0025. Invest today and watch your investment grow throughout 2023 and beyond!
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EcoTerra is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly Recycle-2-Earn (R2E) blockchain projects ever created. It’s designed to reward users with ECOTERRA tokens every time they recycle plastic bottles and other recyclable products. Users are required to scan each product using a QR code scanner before disposing of them in local recycling centers.
Businesses that partner with EcoTerra can use their tokens to purchase recycled materials they need for production, which will positively impact their ROI. The platform’s unique approach to recycling will make it one of the best options for individuals and businesses alike, rewarding them with huge gains while helping make the world a better place. 
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yPredict is a new crypto analytics platform that uses advanced AI to pull and analyze current market trends. It aims to give users valuable insights by offering accurate future price predictions on popular cryptocurrencies. The AI can analyze massive amounts of data from multiple leading exchanges to pinpoint the best investment options while reducing overall risk.
$YPRED tokens are an essential part of the system, as they will be used to purchase paid monthly subscriptions and unlock advanced analytics tools. However, users will also get the option to stake their tokens for regular $YPRED rewards. Visit the official yPredict website and get your $YPRED tokens in presale for $0.09 per token. 
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DeeLance is another new blockchain platform with massive growth potential. It aims to completely change the freelance sector by introducing blockchain technologies. It will be the first ever 100% transparent freelance recruiting platform where freelancers can find work and clients can find the talent they need.
After the two sides agree on a job, the client must lock the correct amount of $DLANCE tokens that will be released automatically once the work is completed. DeeLance will also feature a virtual metaverse office where people can meet each other to form stronger bonds, an NFT system, and much more. So visit the official DeeLance site today and get your $DLANCE tokens at a massive discount during presale to enjoy the highest returns down the road.
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Ripple is making a massive comeback in the next few months, and XRP tokens are expected to match and potentially surpass previous all-time highs. XRP token holders are likely looking at some impressive returns in the near future, but that’s nothing compared to the potential of $WSM, $AI, $SPONGE, $YPRED, $ECOTERRA, and $DLANCE. So visit the official websites today and get your tokens at a discount to enjoy the highest returns in 2023 and beyond.
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