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The Controller People PS5 Pro Controller Review – Pure Competitive – MP1st

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Earlier this year, Sony announced that they are bringing the official PS5 “Pro” controller into the market in January 2023 with the DualSense Edge, which features back nubs that are essential for those seeking to have a fair advantage in online multiplayer games, or just want buttons that can be accessed without needing to lift one of their right hand fingers from the control pad.
Before that product makes its way out however, another company has introduced backbutton nubs years ago (during the PS4 era), and that’s The Controller People. Called The Controller People PS5 pro controller, is this a worthy adversary to the ones already out in the market? Read on for our review to find out.
MP1st was sent the TCP Pro (priced at $171.13), and upon picking it up, the most obvious difference between this and a standard DualSense is the weight. This thing is light, which I found very, very comfortable in long gaming sessions (be it multiplayer or single-player games). This is made possible by taking out the rumble motors that makes a world of difference in terms of comfort. 
While some might balk at not having rumble feedback in games, it’s not that big of an issue if you’re using the controller for long sessions of Call of Duty, Battlefield and other shooters, which this controller is primarily marketed to.
Aside from the rumble motors, the adaptive triggers are also removed, given they aren’t really helpful when you want to be able to fire your weapon as quick as possible. 
Outside of the removed features are some new ones introduced. Aside from the weight difference, another thing I noticed right away is the high grade grip, which features texturized rubber. It feels very easy to grasp and definitely helps in making sure you don’t accidentally have the controller slip from your hands (very helpful for those with sweaty hands).
Another thing that’s available in the box are replaceable thumbsticks. There are three sets that come with the controller which vary in height. Replacing it is super simple, as you just need to pull the existing analog nub and replacing it with one of the ones included.
Of course, the big feature and draw of these pro controllers are the backbuttons. For The Controller People, they use what the company calls “ClickSticks” instead of actual buttons or paddles. Take a peek at how they look in an actual DualSense controller:
The ClickSticks themselves are very easy to get the hang of, since they’re tiny pieces of plastic protruding from the back of your controller. These sticks are angled in a way so they are easy to flick with your middle finger or ring finger. It does feel like it might break with a lot of force (though I haven’t experienced anything close to that in my weeks of testing the controller).
As for programming, the ClickSticks, they are possibly the easiest ones I’ve gone through yet. There are no special magnets needed, no lights you need to wait to beep. All you have to do is hold down the ClickStick you want programmed and the button you want it to represent for around 15 seconds. Yep, that’s it. Players will be able to program X, Triangle, Square, O, R3, L3 and any directional button to the nubs.
While the performance of The Controller People PS5 Pro Controller is definitely up there in terms of most comfortable controllers I’ve used, the main drawback it has right now is that Sony is launching their own official version in just a month.
Mind, Sony’s is a tad more expensive at $200, but that comes with a lot more doodads than just the controller and back buttons. There is, of course, the added customization element with these pro controllers from The Controller People. Outside of tweaking what features you want included in your controller, would-be owners can also design their own with the store design tool. This will hike up the price a bit depending on the features and customization options people choose.
It’s a toss-up for now given we don’t know how sturdy the DualSense Edge will be or how easy it will be to program the backbuttons. And don’t forget, the base TCP Pro Controller is a tad cheaper at $171, which makes it a lot more affordable than most of the third-party pro controllers out in the market.
As far as third-party pro controllers, The Controller People PS5 Pro Controller offers the most bang for buck for now. We were also told that these new versions are using the V2 boards which makes them a whole lot sturdier too — something I can attest to, as I’ve been testing my controller out for a few weeks now with various multiplayer shooters and single-player games, and it has worked perfectly without a hitch so far.
If you want to hold out for the DualSense Edge this January, I don’t blame you. But if you’re looking to snatch a no-frills pro controller for the PS5 right now that’s sub $200 and has the essentials that will make you get better ASAP on the battlefield, then this TCP Pro Controller fits the bill perfectly.
TCP Pro Controller provided by manufacturer for review purposes. It’s out now and can ordered via the official website.You can read MP1st’s review and scoring policy right here.
Not having the dualsense makes it not really a ps5 controller. The dualsense isn’t just regular rumble it makes my experience a lot more immersive. I can feel a stream flowing from left to right. Can tell which direction a strong breeze is coming from. Without that it’s just bland. Also the weight of the ps5 controller is something. I like after I got my ps5 the ps4 controllers lightness made it feel so cheap in comparison to the ps5 dualsense. I’d rather pay $28 more for a proper pro ps5 controller that I can make r3 my back button and shut off the r3 from analog so my guy doesn’t accidentally crouch anymore on apex while I’m shooting.
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