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Ahead of Apple's iOS 17 update, iOS 16.6 update fixes bugs and brings security patches | Mint – Mint

Apple is currently gearing up to launch the iOS 16.6 update, as they have recently introduced the iOS 16.6 Public Beta 4 for iPhone users. This upcoming release is expected to primarily focus on bug fixes and security patches, but it will also bring some significant updates for iPhone users. 
While everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of iOS 17 later this year, Apple has already provided a preview of its features during the WWDC 2023 event. These features aim to enhance the iPhone experience by offering customization options for the call screen, updating the Messages app with Live stickers and faster gesture replies, introducing a new Journal app, and much more. So, iPhone users can look forward to an improved user experience ahead of the iOS 17 update.
Here are some details on iPhone’s upcoming features with iOS 16.6 release: 

Contact Key Verification for iMessage

iOS 16.6 is set to introduce a new feature that allows users to verify their interactions with the intended recipient. When multiple individuals who have activated this feature engage in a conversation, Apple will send an alert if there is any compromise in the security of the cloud servers. This will serve as a warning if the conversation becomes vulnerable to unauthorized access.

iCloud for Windows prompt

According to the Public Beta, a new prompt is anticipated to be introduced for iCloud on Windows login attempts when the iPhone and Windows computer are not connected to the identical Wi-Fi network. The prompt will recommend using a different network and emphasize the necessity for both devices to be on the same network in order to continue.

More options for Beats Studio Buds icons 

According to the Gadget Hacks website, the Beats Studio Buds may receive additional icon options with the introduction of two new color icons. Specifically designed for the Beats Studio Buds, these icons represent the ivory and transparent versions of the earbuds. After updating to the upcoming iOS 16.6, users of Beats Studio Buds can anticipate the inclusion of either of these two new icons on their iPhone.
The exact timing for experiencing these new features is currently unknown, as Apple has not disclosed the release date for iOS 16.6. However, it is expected to become available in the near future.
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