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As a new day-one title joins the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, Microsoft also reveals what fans can expect from the rest of April.
Xbox Game Pass adds a new day-one first-party title in Minecraft Legends today, while also revealing the rest of its "wave 2" of titles for the month. Aside from reaffirming titles and confirming some a date, this amounts to two more games added to the Xbox Game Pass April 2023 line-up.
Of course, Minecraft Legends is a big get for Xbox Game Pass when it drops at 12 ET on April 18. It's the second first-party title to be added this month, following Ghostwire: Tokyo, and in a few weeks it'll be followed up by Redfall on May 2. Getting day-one first-party titles on the service is a big deal for fans and for Microsoft, so getting three (more or less) within a month is stellar for the service. In Minecraft Legends, fans must engage with action strategy elements to save the Overworld from an invasion of Piglins.
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The new titles added to the current line-up include the Xbox One version of Medieval Dynasty on April 20 (and it should be noted that the Xbox Series X version is already on the service), as well as BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition on April 27. The former is a survival crafting and town management adventure game where players must ensure the prosperity of their new dynasty. BlazBlue, meanwhile, is a 2D crossover fighting game that includes various characters from series such as the titular one, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY.
Their solid additions to an otherwise intriguing line-up. Coffee Talk, for example, is a follow-up to a popular visual novel that drops day one on the service. Homestead Arcana is a farming sim with a witchy twist, also releasing day one on the service, and both Pokemon clone Cassette Beasts and indie detective game The Last Case of Benedict Fox are day one titles as well.
Of course, despite the wide variety of games here, some fans may not really connect with any of these. Thankfully, May is another month and it has as much potential as April. So far, Xbox Game Pass has confirmed 6 games for May 2023: Redfall, Ravenlok, Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2, Amnesia: The Bunker, Railway Empire 2, and Farworld Pioneers.
Xbox Game Pass subscribers get a handful of new games every month.
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