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Verizon plan prices: Prices on older cellphone plans are going up – USA TODAY

Verizon is raising prices on some of its older unlimited plans.
Customers who stay on the older plans will be charged an additional monthly $2 fee per line, the company confirmed Monday. The price change will take effect on April 10.
The wireless carrier said the fee accounts for “the added cost of maintaining these legacy plans.”
The company began notifying customers about the new charge through email, physical mail, and notices on their bills last week. 
“Customers can upgrade to a current 5G Unlimited plan with all the great benefits and value at any time,” a Verizon spokesperson said in an email.
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The price change applies to wireless plans from seven years ago, including Beyond Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited 55+, Go Unlimited and Verizon Unlimited. 
Verizon encouraged customers to upgrade to 5G Unlimited plans that offer more “choice” and “flexibility.”
The company’s 5G Unlimited plans include 5G Get More, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, 5G Start, One Unlimited for iPhone, and Welcome Unlimited, and start at $25 for four lines with Auto Pay. 
Last summer, AT&T bumped the prices of its retired unlimited wireless plans by up to $6 a month for single lines and up to $12 a month for plans with multiple lines.