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Valorant is a first-person shooter title. Since it is a competitive game, high framerates and stable performance are essential to ensure that players are never at a disadvantage.
However, if GPU drivers are outdated, they can lead to stability issues and poor performance. Hence, players need to keep their drivers up to date to eliminate such potential hiccups.
GeForce Experience is Nvidia’s proprietary software. It comes with several features, such as overlays, video capturing, in-game filters, and more. This nifty tool also enables players to update their Nvidia GPU drivers at the click of a button. It automatically acquires the correct and latest drivers for one’s graphics card and installs it safely.
This guide discusses the procedure to update one’s GPU driver for Valorant using Nvidia GeForce Experience in 2023.
Keeping one’s GPU driver updated is a good way to ensure that games work as intended. Valorant recently received a massive patch. For the first time since its launch, the title’s system requirements have received an update. As the game gets updated with features, players need to ensure that the GPU driver is also updated to keep up with the changes.
Additionally, if players are facing frequent crashes, FPS drops, lower performance, and other stability issues, it might be a sign that GPU drivers are outdated. However, the procedure to update the GPU driver manually can be quite complicated.
Thankfully, GeForce Experience makes the process convenient and quick. Here’s how you can go about updating your GPU drivers for Valorant:
Step 1: Launch Nvidia GeForce Experience. To do so, simply head to the Windows search bar and look up GeForce Experience.
Step 2: Once the GeForce Experience interface is loaded, head to the Drivers tab. It will be located in the top-left corner, adjacent to the Games tab.
Step 3: Click on Check for Updates. Make sure you have an active internet connection. This will check the Nvidia servers for the latest driver for your system.
Step 4: If there is an update, it will display an option to download the game. A green button will appear stating ‘Download.’ To the left here, it will mention the date on which the driver was released.
The section below will cover all the updates this GPU driver brings. At the time of writing this article, the latest Nvidia GPU driver version was 528.02.
Step 5: Click on Download. GPU drivers will be downloaded through the software system.
Step 6: After the download is complete, it will show you two options: Express Installation and Custom Installation.
The Express Installation will install all the extra drivers, such as the PhysX driver and HD Audio driver, along with the GPU driver.
The Custom Installation gives you a choice of what you wish to install.
The latest Game Ready drivers will now be installed. In some cases, it will ask you to reboot the system. If it does, consider restarting your PC.
This is how the GPU driver can be installed for Valorant using the Nvidia GeForce Experience. The process is simple, easy, and can be completed within a matter of minutes.
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