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Roblox intentionally blocking Linux with Wine in their new update – GamingOnLinux

It seems the days of using workarounds to play Roblox on Linux may be coming to an abrupt end, with the upcoming launch of their new client blocking Linux intentionally.
This new client appears to be undergoing testing, and users quickly noticed it wasn’t working under the Wine compatibility layer on Linux. It seems the issue comes from¬†Byfron, software for anti-cheat and anti-tamper that joined up officially with Roblox back in October 2022.
In reply to the forum post, a staff member for Roblox mentioned it is intentionally blocking:
Hello Jrelvas, Unfortunately this block was intentional. With the Windows 64-bit client launch we made the conscious decision to block the use of Wine. We came to this decision due to a combination of security and compatibility concerns. As a Linux user I am sure you understand the challenges of the Windows ecosystem. Wine is not officially supported but we are committed to working towards compatibility where possible. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a specific timeline for this support. However, I assure you that it remains a priority for our team.
It seems it may not be forever, going by what they said above and below as this new 64bit client is undergoing intense testing right now as they gather feedback, bug reports and crash logs. In a follow-up post, another staff member mentioned:
Thank you for your well thought out post. First and most importantly, we are not trying to punish the use of Wine.
Our Windows 64-bit client is in some regards quite different from the 32-bit client. We are currently gathering telemetry to analyze and hopefully fix existing issues and prevent future ones from popping up. For this process to work, it is of utmost importance to collect data from the [intended] target operating system. You will also find that we blocked the usage of VMs for the very same reason.
I hope this clarifies some of the thought process behind the blocking of Wine. As MrEaker mentioned before, Wine remains a priority for our team, and we are certainly not deaf to the voices of our community.
And they seem to have no plans to block Wine use at all with Roblox Studio.
You might be wondering why they can’t simply filter out the unwanted Wine results, since they obviously detect it just fine. Another few posts from the Roblox staff attempted to clear it up, as they mentioned their client will crash “compromised processes intentionally” and since they’re going through so many thousands of crash logs, it would be quite a nuisance to add more to it. Sounds like it’s complicated in many parts.
If / when they issue an update that does allow Wine players on Linux back in, I’ll let you know.