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Nokia to exclusively bring Instagram app for Windows Phone


According to rumors from trusted sources, it seems that Instagram will soon come to Windows based Nokia smartphones. If you simply read ‘Windows based smartphones’ in the first line and started making plans about how you will use Instagram, let me clarify once again that the app will be available only on Nokia smartphones that run on Windows mobile operating system.

Nokia has always been known for trying to differentiate its products and services in order to give unique advantages to consumer who use Nokia smartphones. The company is well known for differentiating its products by using bright colors and creating exclusive apps for Nokia smartphones that are not available on any other Windows based smartphones.

Once again, Nokia seems to have come up with a popular app that will be available on the Windows platform but exclusively for Nokia! According to a new rumor from WPdang, the popular photo application on iOS and Android ‘Instagram’ is coming to Windows Phone but as a Nokia exclusive. WPdang has a very good reputation when it comes to rumors since every two out of his three rumors have turned out to be true.

So if this rumor turns out to be true, Nokia will once again have a huge advantage. There are a lot of users who would love to use this app on the Windows platform. Nokia could go far ahead with this opportunity but it all comes down to the authenticity of the rumor.

Additionally, WMpoweruser states that they have been watching the Instagram job boards for some time but there has not been any listing for Windows Phone developers. If the company does not put any listings for a Windows Phone developer then there is a possibility that the Windows specific app will be built by a third party developer like in the case of the recently released Twitter app.

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