As per Chitika Insights study, iPad users surf the Web much more than other tablet users. The study says that iPad is dominating the U.S. and Canadian Web traffic that has increased from 82.4% in May 2013, to 84.3% in June 2013.

This marks the iPad usage share at top while Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet families stay in second and third place, respectively. The data received from the most recent report by Chitika on the tablet market, which determines the use of the web by the Americans and the Canadians took over tens of millions of online ad impressions on tablets through its Ad Network.


Curiously, iPad has gained about 2% compared to May 2013, reaching the highest level of web traffic since the beginning of this year. While the most competitors have been declining in the level of advertising impressions, only the Barnes & Noble’s Nook has exhibited an increase of around 37% on its Web traffic. However, the overall proportion of such a device in June stood at 1.2%. The fifth position is taken by the Google Nexus tablet with a share of 1.2%.

These numbers show that those who have an iPad are much more likely to go online than other tablet users. According to financial results for Q3 of 2013 by Apple, the Cupertino-based company has generated $6.9 billion profit in $35.3 billion in revenue while iPad sales has been weakened by 14%.

To sustain the market grip, Apple is reportedly working on a value for money iPhone called iPhone Lite. Moreover, the company has also been testing large screen prototypes of iPhone and iPad.