Along with the new Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Google also unveiled Chromecast – A small dongle designed to turn any HDMI-compatible TV into a Smart TV. In practice, it allows video streaming wirelessly from a smartphone or a tablet to TV using Chrome.

Everyone loves their phones, tablets and laptops, and unlike other solutions, you can’t force to have the same operating system on all your devices. Hence Chromecast comes into existence that connects to TV via HDMI powered by the USB technology, and transforms your smartphone, tablet or notebook into a true hub for streaming remotely.


Using Chromecast, user can play videos from YouTube, Netflix and Pandora, queue or pause, control volume and even turn on the TV just from your device, also can use other applications without interrupting playback. Chromecast continues to play the video streaming even when the device is in stand-by mode.

It is a “cross-platform” device and supports all Android and iOS devices while Windows Phone is not supported at least for now. On PC side, it supports all recent versions of Windows, OS X and Chrome OS. In Chromebooks, as of now Google’s Chromebook Pixel is the only one that currently support the Chromecast.

Chromecast is available for just $ 35 starting today from Google Play, and in the U.S. and will be coming to other territories through Best Buy stores starting July 28. For a limited time, Google is also offering three months of Netflix.


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