Apple’s iPhone activation servers were constantly being reported as down, as a result of which consumers couldn’t activate their new iPhones.

Now the servers are back on line after a wide-outage. Though the problem is still worse as more and more consumers getting in the queue to get their devices activated.

Apple has advised new iPhone consumers to try and activate their devices using iTunes. But if you are still not able to get through, you can contact Apple support at

iphone activation server down

The problem had come into existence when a number of consumers reported the problem on MacRumors. After, a number of reports appeared on Twitter as well. A tipster who called Apple about the problem, told that the company’s activation servers were down, which was also confirmed by an AT&T employee, and then by posts in Apple’s discussion forum that also offers a similar information.

It has hardly been a week since Apple’s developer site was hacked following what it says was an attack by an intruder, and then there’s a new problem – the iPhone activation servers went down temporarily. Developers are still looking for an update on the developer’s website outage, but there has been no update from the company yet.

As of now, the developer’s website is still down, and the company is working on the fix round the clock in order to bring it back with a much better security system.