Recently announced Google Chromecast has surprised everyone with stronger sales than expectations. The Google Chromecast has sold out in less than 24 hours on and while the wait time for Chromecast for the delivery has increased up to 3 or 4 weeks on Google Play store.

Certainly it has proven as “Apple TV Killer”, thanks to a very high value for money device and the initial offer of “3-months of Netflix for free,” which is over sadly. A Google spokesperson told to the Los Angeles Times that the initial promotion worth $24 (which was available in limited quantity) had been suspended due to high demand. In other words, consumers who purchase Chromecast now won’t be able to watch thousands of movies and TV series for free.

The Mountain View is working hard to meet consumers demand, meantime Chromecast app to manage the dongle on Android is available on Google Play store now. The app essentially configures the dongle to access the Wi-Fi network and management of settings such as the device name, the password for the network connection, etc.

Well! This is not only from Google, and there’s more than Chromecast. The company is reportedly working on a set-top box based on Android for months, and it will offer operations similar to alternatives such as Apple TV, Roku, etc.

In recent weeks, there has been talk of a new TV platform by Google, aiming to challenge Intel, Sony and Apple. As per rumors, the platform will also able to stream video content from YouTube, Netflix and Android games available on Google Play. At the moment, it’s impossible to say if the box we are talking about today has something to do with the company’s plans. However, it all goes to reinforce the idea that Google is focusing more and more on digital home entertainment, either by streaming from smartphones and tablets or by the distribution of movies, TV series and music.