In China, Apple has advised consumers to use official power adapters for the iPhone. The company wants to ensure that the use of cheap third party adapters and chargers must be avoided that might fatally injure consumers.

In this context, Apple has updated its China based website and added a new page for awareness. The page details out all the different USB power adapters provided by Apple, and how to identify them. This step had been taken as a part of security measure as the company wants to avoid accidents like the one that happened to Ma Ailum, the Chinese woman who was electrocuted by a charging iPhone when she was answering a call on it.


“Apple has always put user’s security first, and as result all our products have gone through rigorous security and reliability testing. They are also designed in compliance with government safety standards around the world,” says the page.

The Cupertino California-based company has added this page to their website after two weeks of the Ma Ailum incident. Her family claims that it was the recharging iPhone that may have caused the death, but the police are still investigating the case. The iPhone that caused the event was handed over to the police, and Apple had issued a statement expressing condolences to Ma’s family and promised to investigate the incident thoroughly.

Lately, there have been some words saying that Ma was using a USB power adapter that was not built by Apple, and a news video footage of the evidence also shows an iPhone 4 with visible burn marks on the side. Considering this incident, Apple has requested all its consumers to opt for genuine accessories, including the ones outside China.

Ma Ailum’s case is still open, and the police said that they are still working on it, but did not give out any further details.